Friday, February 8, 2013


Well, well, well....

another review *dance*

hello love! hows your day today? is today treating you well? i hope it does!
if it doesnt, well tomorrow will be a better day ;)

today's post is going to be about this product *below are the pictures* this is just the sample that my sister gave me :) it is very tiny and cute but it is a sample :P
here is the real picture, credits to:

This is actually a primer for concealers and eyeshadow but I use it for eyeshadow primer because i dont  have a severe bad under-eye bag or circle.

i wont comment much on the packaging because:
- it is a sample
- i never try the real packaging

but the sample's size & packaging is tiny and for a sample,
i believe they do a really good job in terms of designs, you just have to twist it to open.
Not a big hassle in my opinion and very practical.

As for the wand, it is very different compare to the real product with the real packaging but 
i prefer this type of wand, it is very easy for me to control the amount.

Here is the swatch of the product, it is in a lighter skintone, as i love to call this color in the color of beige :) and it dries fast enough but still blendable :) It blends in well with the skin and i feel it also somehow brightens the eye :) but one down side, i hate the smell!
have you ever smell Revlon "Color Stay liquid foundation for oily skin"? it smells somehow like that, strong plastic-y scent. As for the price, i cant mention it because I got this for free :) 

see how fast it gets dry, imagine i put this onto my hand, then i close the cap so it wont splatter everywhere and when i want to blend it, it was slightly dry but blend-able, i think that means its staying power is good enough ;) i dont know, i got a good vibe :D

so here is a little experiment :)
me out to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 !

- i hated the scent!
- sample size and packaging is perfect
- it makes my eyeshadow stays for almost 6 hours!
- it is not that hard to blend
- i love the color as it neutralized and brightens my eyelids :P

will i repurchase?
- yes!

enjoy and til next time!

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Pygmalion Land said...

i think i'll buy this product :) , love this review