Thursday, February 28, 2013


hello :)
Got bored so i decided to make a look with this palette :) as you know that this is my fave palette for this month, so here you go :)

if you wanna know how to get this look, do let me know and i will do a video for you ;)

and... the power of false lashes! Love it!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Well, well, well....

another review *dance*

hello love! hows your day today? is today treating you well? i hope it does!
if it doesnt, well tomorrow will be a better day ;)

today's post is going to be about this product *below are the pictures* this is just the sample that my sister gave me :) it is very tiny and cute but it is a sample :P
here is the real picture, credits to:

This is actually a primer for concealers and eyeshadow but I use it for eyeshadow primer because i dont  have a severe bad under-eye bag or circle.

i wont comment much on the packaging because:
- it is a sample
- i never try the real packaging

but the sample's size & packaging is tiny and for a sample,
i believe they do a really good job in terms of designs, you just have to twist it to open.
Not a big hassle in my opinion and very practical.

As for the wand, it is very different compare to the real product with the real packaging but 
i prefer this type of wand, it is very easy for me to control the amount.

Here is the swatch of the product, it is in a lighter skintone, as i love to call this color in the color of beige :) and it dries fast enough but still blendable :) It blends in well with the skin and i feel it also somehow brightens the eye :) but one down side, i hate the smell!
have you ever smell Revlon "Color Stay liquid foundation for oily skin"? it smells somehow like that, strong plastic-y scent. As for the price, i cant mention it because I got this for free :) 

see how fast it gets dry, imagine i put this onto my hand, then i close the cap so it wont splatter everywhere and when i want to blend it, it was slightly dry but blend-able, i think that means its staying power is good enough ;) i dont know, i got a good vibe :D

so here is a little experiment :)
me out to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 !

- i hated the scent!
- sample size and packaging is perfect
- it makes my eyeshadow stays for almost 6 hours!
- it is not that hard to blend
- i love the color as it neutralized and brightens my eyelids :P

will i repurchase?
- yes!

enjoy and til next time!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


SO... lipstick lipstick everywhere! hahaha
here i am with another review of Sephora product,
i dont know how many of you out there ever heard or maybe try this product ..


i never really considered of buying Sephora products itself.. but i bought one just to try :)

here is the look of the lipstick, the jar is so cute, it has like a guitar shape that gives a cosy hold when i apply it :), it is black with the word "sephora" at the bottom, classy :) love everything simple.

the color i have chosen is this bright pink color, truthfully they dont really have alot of colors choices, so as usual, i go for colors that i know i will use more often :)

here is the swatch..

my thoughts:
- packaging wise: good, classy and simple, easy to hold to
- price SGD 27
- texture: moisturizer! 
- color pigmentation: well.. 70% only.. because it contains moisturizer, i guess the color doesnt really show much :)

will i repurchase?
hmmm nope... for the price and the color and everything, i think i can find other brand with a much more worth of price and quality :)


Monday, February 4, 2013



Whewww, February is here and we all know that this month is full of celebration and as i would love to call it, the month of red :)

We've got Valentine for everyone and Chinese New Year. 
Since they are closed together, I decided to do one post for a beauty guidance tips for you ;)


As we all know that, to celebrate and welcome the new year, new attire and look is a must. It is a believe that to get rid of all the previous bad luck and welcoming the new luck and life :)
But i love to see this as, a whole new makeover for me ;) 

- Chinese believe that to welcome the new year, a new attire is a must ;D so i see this as an opportunity to be able to shop for a whole new attire mainly for top, bottom and footwear! well if it is possible, to buy new bags, makeup, skincare and accessories :P.
I do suggest to buy these in a few weeks in advance so that you can have time to think and consider everything and of course, prices would be cheaper too!

- Another believe is to have a new hairstyle :D This is usually done like a few days before the celebration. You can color your hair, cut your hair or do something to have a new hair look but as for me, i am not the type of person who can change hair easily because i have a very round face so that kinda limit me to hair styles and.. i dont go for short hair :P so i always cut a little bit of my fringe, just to keep the believe and tradition of throwing away the bad luck :P

- This is important even if there is no ocassion, a good and routine skin care for your skin. I do suggest to buy and use skincare that are suitable for your skin :) Do a facial scrub & mask at least once every two weeks or a week :) because it will get rid of the dead skin cell, leaves your skin silky smooth and somehow it gives a glowing effect on the face :) well... at least that is how i feel :P
If you have acne, use a spot acne treatment to reduce the redness or swelling. Dont forget to ALWAYS use a cleansing milk, facial foam and toner :) Believe me, a make up remover wont remove ALL of them that's why you need the three step of cleansing :)  and of course dont forget to moisturize your face!

As for the body, this is optional but some girls would love to go all the way to make them presented nicely :) so i suggest to do a waxing/shaving a week before :) and a body scrub 2 days before.

- As for makeup, I always go for a natural look :) but i know some people would go for a more dressier look :) and that is fine. The way i think is... I am going to be in a house full of cousins and relatives and it is going to be packed, crowded and hot and busy, I know i have a very oily skin so I am trying to avoid a cakey look, so a natural make up it is for me. The Makeup Essentials for me are: Primer, foundation, powder, eyebrow and lipstick :)
(psst.. to see the kind of natural make i love, simply click here )

- This is also important, I usually take a healthy supplement like vit c, calcium etc because i dont want to fall sick when the celebration is around the corner :) and also try to have a good diet before the yummy feast because we all know the food! So there will be no guilty feeling!

so.. i hope my tips and guidance help you in sorting out the basic beauty needs!