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A little introduction from me :) I used to be a girl who hated skin care or body beauty routine. I used to think that they are a hassle of life :p

Well, I take my words back straight away on the day I was introduced to SPA. The very first SPA I went was Martha Tilaar SPA in Kelapa Gading *yes I was introduced by my mommy, she has a mission on making me loving my body more and she has succeeded* and of course, I did tried a few other places too. Long story short, let's just say, SPA is a must for me now, but we all know SPA can be very expensive *thats why I don't go SPA regularly as much as I would love to*

Whenever I go to SPA, I actually do look at the interior of the room, because I want to be able to relax and feel comfortable, well that is the whole main thing about SPA right? But nothing beats the comfort at your own home :)

.. and I found a competition held by Fashionede Daily & Sariayu so, I decided to challenge myself to see whether I can, or not,  to create a SPA of my dream at home :)

Without wasting any more time, I drove to the mall to search for the products :) and all of these pictures are bought and taken by me at home before starting the SPA

All of these only cost idr86! With a relaxing interior of the room and a tv on with a slight slow music playing at the background, I know this is going to be amazing! Oh I love scents that are floral so figure it out :D  I got all of these products mostly in floral range of scent and I love the smells from these products; floral, soft and elegant.

I usually start with a beauty energizing ritual but for this post, I won't be taking picture because I look messy. This is a process that is done at the beginning to relax out body, mind and soul. Its function is to make our body relax so that the whole process of the SPA isn't rushed. Now we want to feel relax don't we? So rushing is a big no-no for a spa ;)

Now let's begin! I will take you step by step for this luxurious SPA treatment. First, if you have long hair, tied it up, if you have short hair then let it be.

Secondly, this is optional but I know the goodness from a beauty energizing because the steps are somehow similar to yoga.Pick a song that is relaxing and I suggest songs for yoga would be best :) This is done for us to prepare ourself to feel more relax and calm so that we enjoy 100% for our SPA treatment.

How to do a Beauty Energizing? simply just click and watch this video :)


Once the beauty energizing is done, this is my own personal addition to spice up the SPA treatment :), take a bucket, fill it up with hot water * do measure it to your liking*  add some bath salt/soap or just leave it plain, then soak your feet in it. Now I call this a Foot bath and it is done to get rid of that horrible odour of the feet and of course it is a great cleanse to the feet too!


Now, let the BODY SCRUB begin!  A Body scrub is one of the important beauty product for the skin. It smoothed and brighten up the skin and lift up the dead cells. I also believe that it get rids of the acne scars on the body and that is why I personally recommend body scrubbing for everyone! and this particular product from Sariayu gives a good moisturizing for the skin while you are scrubbing :)
Note: it is important for you to put some of the scrub onto a small plate because it Is unhygienic by dipping your fingers into the jar. We don't know what kind of germs or bacteria on your fingers.

Now, take the scrub and apply it all over your body equally and leave it for 5 minutes, you can play with your phone, or watch tv or listen to music :)

Then, massage lightly in a circular motion until the whole scrub turns into small round lumps, and those small round lumps my friends, are the dirt and the dead skin cells. Once everything is settle, rinse your body.

I personally advice for you to do body scrubbing at least once a week :) and my personal favorite body scrub is Eksotika Tanjung. I already love the name! The scrub is moisturizing, brittle that is perfect for scrubbing and it brightens up my skin!


A SPA won't be perfect without a BODY MASSAGE. Oh yes I know having someone massage you is better than you massaging yourself but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it!
A body massage is important in the process of spa, it relaxes our body, mind and soul, it makes the blood circulation in our body spread out evenly.

How to give ourselves body massage?
Spread Minyak Zaitun to your hand, fingers and wrist, then give it a circular motion of massages three times each in a calm and steady moves.
Then apply it to the legs, feet, neck, shoulder and on the temples of your face. Again with the same steady and slow circular motion, do it three times on each area. This lotion absorb into the skin and it took me by surprise that it doesn't leave an oily residue! i love it :) i think when an oil absorb into the skin, it will increase the level of moisturizing in it.


Then, a body bath is needed to give a total cleanse for the whole body from the left over dirt from the scrub and of course to give your body a fresh and energizing feeling.

This process is the same as how you take bath daily, water the soap, leather it up on your palms until foams appear, then apply it all over the body. If you have a bath tub, you can take a long hot bath and relax for 10 minutes. This soap bar just have a gorgeous scent! One of the many reasons why i love Sariayu products is because they stick to the tradition and actually preserve the tradition through their products :)


Once the bath is done, a lotion is a must after body scrubbing. Body lotion's jobs for the skin are to give nutrients, to moistures and to give a good scent for the body . Place small dots all over your body and spread it well. 
This lotion absorb into the skin quick and it isn't that sticky or thick and i personally prefer this type of lotion because i hate having myself to run errands the whole day feeling sticky and oily. Let's not forget the floral scent that i love :)


This step is optional, but a good scented splash cologne will boost the energy after a SPA and of course to give every girl a boost to their confident. Simply pour some onto the palm, pressed it behind the ears, neck, chest and elbow.

And now, you are ready to tackle the world! :D 

There are times when i wonder...Why do I love having my own luxurious SPA at home? 

Here are the reasons:
- I love how I don't have to make phone bookings :p so I can just have SPA anytime!
- I love how I can slurp some refreshing drinks, watch tv and listen to music at the same time I am having my own spa *talk about multi function eh? :p *
- saves a lot of money! All of these products cost 86rb while if I go to a real spa, a minimum charge is 250rb
- I have this tendency of being sleepy after a spa *i guess it is because of the relaxation that I recieved* and I hate it when I have to drive home but if I do spa at home, I can be on my bed straight away!

So in conclusion, i love it because it is practical and easy to do, not forgetting saves up alot of money with the same result as going to a SPA place :)

Well I hope my tips and guides help you in having a luxurious SPA at home :) but if you want to know more, simply contact Sariayu at their FB fan page: Sariayu Martha Tilaar ( or 
their twitter @sariayu_mt 

Their beauticians will help and answer all the questions you have in your mind :) 

                                                                   Until my next post!

Love you lots

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