Saturday, January 12, 2013



Who here suffers with big pores! i do!
It is super annoying actually, if there is a way to make my pores smaller permanently, i would do it :)
but meanwhile, i am searching for a product that can minimized my pores when i go out.

The funny thing is, i wasnt looking for pore minimizer when i purchased this particular product range from ZA :P

so i recently feel very curious on this specific product so i tested them out for you.
Here is the packaging, the tube is rather small and tiny actually but i love the color, so girly!
You need to twist the cap to open to be able to use the product.

The product inside is gel-ish to watery, so it is not that diluted as a gel but not watery either :)
it is an opaque milky color and you dont need alot of product in order to apply to your face and the best thing about this is, it is lightweight and it absorbs into the skin quick. However i am not a big fan of the scent, it smells like acne medicine :P but oh well, i always can stand scents as long as the product is good.

so here are the snapshots i took when i was testing it out :)
i apply it only on the nose and the cheeks, and i apply it on the right side (left side of the picture)

here are the pictures taken at 6.30 pm, just to see the oily control and the result :P

Honestly, i dont see any differences. Or maybe it is just my eyes?
The pores are still somehow visible, but i must say it is 10% better :P which is pretty much none for me.
But i do realized that the skin is glowing with the pore minimizer on :) oh and it has a slight tiny oil control.

will i repurchase?
nope :( as i dont see a huge difference on my skin especially on the pores area.


Calvin Brock said...

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theresia fweegy said...

@Calvin: that is a great advice :) thank you