Thursday, January 17, 2013


Gorgeous You! how are you dear?
I have heard about this brand long way back when i was in high school, and i am going to be honest with you that i have no idea where this brand comes from :P so in short words: never been bothered to consider them until today! i recently found out that it is from Japan and their skincare is quite amazing!

But as you all know i am very particular when it comes to skincare so i will do a depth research on them before i purchase the whole thing :) so.. today out of curiosity i purchase the new bb cream!

The price was RP 98.000 but i got it for 20% off, talk about bargain :D

The packaging is adorable because it is in pink! but it is tiny :P like its height is around 10cm top-bottom, the tube is very easy to open and it has a tiny hole that give a tiny amount of bb cream out which is perfect for me since i am a very careless person and tend to squeeze alot of bb cream which in the end goes to waste :P 
so packaging wise, it is alright :) handy and practical!

Here is the swatch of the color, it has a skin tone color with warm undertone slightly mix with pink and i think it suits well for my skin, it doesnt make my skin look whiter or darker. It has a soft scent which i love, a creamy texture but when you apply it, it dries fast so we gotta be pretty quick in applying it :) but it feels powdery and soft after that :)
The texture feels lightweight on the skin, literally i feel nothing! not cakey :D like my skin can breathe!

So lets see the information on this bb cream :)

It has:
- SPF 43 & PA +++
- Works as base makeup, to cover pores & dark spots, brighten & balance out the skin tone also to create a skin color.
- Sebum holding powder (oil control)
- Vit B (keep skin fresh)
-Amino Mineral Complex ( moisturizing and cover pores )
- Prism Enhancer (makes skin glow)

lets see the cream :)
here is me wearing it at 4.30pm
i love the texture that is lightweight and powdery onto the skin and i do love the scent
but as for the coverage that said to be covering the spots or pores, i dont think it does as you can see from my picture, my pores are still visible & everything else are visible.
I do look like i barely put any foundation on but trust me, this is done with 2 layers of bb cream :P

me at 7.40pm :P
my skin looks dewy which i love!

me at 9.30 pm :)
dewy with a slight oil appearance a.k.a my skin just started to get oily :D

- i strongly disagree to the point where it said this products covered pores & spots because it certainly doesnt do its job on my skin.
- i dont like the price :P

- i do love the lightweight feeling on my skin and the powdery texture after i apply it on my face.
- i love the oil control because it makes my skin dewy for almost a good 5 hours :)
- it does prove their function apart from one which is still good
- i love the packaging
-  i love the scent

will i repurchase?
- sadly nope because it doesnt have a good coverage ( low-medium ) but if you have a super flawless skin *lucky you* then i do recommend this product :) and i will most likely to be purchasing their skin care products :)

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