Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It is.. 6.45pm, i am currently waiting for dinner while watching "Brave" hehe and i decided to say..


This is my 2nd item that i purchased from ZA :)

the price... errr... around RP 98000

okay you all know how bad my memory when it comes to numbers, sowwie :'(


the packaging, i actually love it! i dont know why.. probably because of the pink silvery metallic cap, and the small size of this foundation and oh! the color of the fonts matches the cap haha 
I personally think it looks cute and classy :)

Here is the cap, you gotta twist it to open it :)
and the tube has another cover with a tiny hole that allows the foundation come out to be use.
Again, you all know how i love these type of packaging, clean and control-able :) and isnt that hard to squeeze to get the product out but you do have to shake it well before using so that all the foundation is mix inside :)

here is the swatch :)
the texture of this foundation is watery but not super watery though but for a liquid foundation, it is watery. It has a soft and girly scent that i like, although it is watery, the texture is also creamy when you blend it onto your face :) it blends in well too! and dries fast ;D and lightweight hehe
It has a good coverage, i would say, medium-high coverage :)

so another test out day :D
12.00 pm going out with my friend :)
matte and good coverage 

14.00 pm
my skin is actually starting to get oily from dewy look here

16.00 pm
home! and oily :(

- soft texture between watery and creamy 
- good coverage
- great scent
- lightweight
- dries quick
- easy to blend
-cute packaging

the downside is just the oil control :(

will i repurchase?
- now this is a 50-50 product, i wont buy it again because of the oil control but i actually love it on how it feels on my skin, lightweight, good coverage and the easy to blend quality it has :P

so will you buy this?


Alexandra said...

it actually looks nice when you first applied it, but turns out to have poor oil control :S too bad.
looks like all their products are not aimed for oily skinned ladies :P

theresia fweegy said...

@alexandra: yeap.. poor oil control :( but i really love the whole product though, just the oil control hehee great blog you have :)