Wednesday, January 9, 2013


hello love!
as i am typing this, i am currently.. designing but. need some distraction hahaha to cool down my over working brain:P

so here is another sleek products that i bought from
i personally think is a good online shop, they are good in processing the orders with no hassles and products arrived literally within 2-3days with dhl.
i paid 300k ish for eyeshadow and 2 blushes with 2 items free along the side 

anyway.. i would like to call this my own naked palette haha since it will be... god knows how long i will get my naked palette :P well gotta wait if you are getting it for free right? :P

anyway.. here is the packaging... again.. similar with the blushes. nothing interesting, it is sleek though, simple and chic :)

i love the huge mirror! 

the color swatches.. i wont mention how PIGMENTED the colors are, the texture are SILKY AND VELVETY.. so i am going to let the pictures speak!

will i recommend this?
yes i would.

good and down side?
good: pigmented, silky, huge mirror! it is kinda small like i can grab it with my palm and hold it so it is handy for me! i love the color!
down: none so far?

will i repurchase?
honestly, if someone from the UK is coming back, yes i would love to! 


go to my home page :) 
go to the right side, and click on the Luxola image,
get these Sleek Products for 10% off :D 

finally! we dont have to wait for too long
yay :D

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