Tuesday, January 29, 2013


apart from lipstick, i also got this blush palette, this will be the very first blush palette i have ever own :P not a big fan of palette items apart from eyeshadow but anyway, moving on..

here is the packaging, i love how simple it is, well close to simple but not really simple but i love they only use 3 colors haha ok i dont even know why i started talking about the packaging design ahaha
oh and i got this from a friend of mine so it is free ..

i am a sucker for anything matte and shiny combination... just like this one, simple, classy and elegant!

okay so the colors, rather bright for my skintone *well i know this is the risk of seeing through the website* but i will work on it :) trust me i wont let this goes to waste haha
so far, i do like the colors, they are in a red-pink tone and i think that works well on my skin tone. the scent, is slightly plastic-y but it is alright because you really cant smell it :P unless you put your nose close to it 

here are the close up :)

the swatches, the colors are very bright hahah and pigmented but the thing with pigmented color in make up is, you get to use less and save the items more :P a good way of saving money i think!
i love the left & middle color but the far on the right (left on the palette) isnt really my choice but i shall see maybe i can work my magic around it haha

so will i repurchase?
yeap and probably buy a few more of other color if Sleek ever come in Indonesia

good side?
pigmentation of course and the longevity of the items onto my oily cheek 

down side?
well i thought of the colors at first but then again, i dont think there is any down side :D


go to my home page :) 
go to the right side, and click on the Luxola image,
get these Sleek Products for 10% off :D 

finally! we dont have to wait for too long
yay :D


Dewie Aprillia said...

cakep banget ci :D

Elsawati Dewi said...

wow warnanya tajem banget? emang kalo pake itu ga bakalan menor ya? atau dipake pas moment tertentu aja?

Anonymous said...

sleek ada di webb perfectbeautyshop.com hehee

theresia fweegy said...

@dewie: iya ini sh recommended bgtt! :D
@elsa: pakenya dikit2 aja say, jgn langsung banyak haha menor pasti :P
@anon: hai nice to meet you :) thaks for your info dear