Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I have been wanting to try this product but, for some reason, i was unsure, so i kept debating myself for i dont know how long until one day i decided just to get it!

Bonjour Love!

I actually own two of this foundation and dont worry, they are in a different shade :) but the one i am trying is in the shade natural :)

so the packaging:
- somehow rather.. teenage-ish, well i am assuming the product is aiming for that teen target audience :)
- strong and durable plastic material
- you have to twist the silver cap to open it
- it is easy to squeeze and control the amount of foundation you want to use
- the tube has a tiny round/hole for the liquid foundation to come out which i love because not only i can control but also very hygienic.

I seriously forgot about the price.... :( 

here is the color swatch for "natural" shade.
The texture is somehow creamy and somehow liquid-y well hence the name "gel foundation", it blends in well into your skin, lightweight on the skin, no scent i can smell off, it dries off very fast which is a good thing :)

now the experiment:

me getting ready for dinner ;D

i just reached home :D

it has.. been almost 4 hours and a little bit more, my skin just getting oily :D

- love this foundation because it is lightweight, absorb quickly into the skin, dries fast, it isnt super creamy that can make my face super oily within 1-2 hours, as for oil control, a good four hours is super enough for me :) so for my skin i will say this has a medium oil control :) but the downside is, because it is lightweight, it has a poor-medium coverage on my acne :( and of course not im not fond of the jar.


zy said...

I have this in light beige :)I love this foundation.. the result is similar to BB cream

theresia fweegy said...

yeapp! :D

Vicky Hoang said...

this looks great on you! maybe a powder to finish so it can control the oils :)

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theresia fweegy said...

@vicky: i did.. :( but still love it tho haha :P love your blog btw