Friday, January 18, 2013



I personally think a liquid foundation is a must when applying makeup so today,
i will do a review of one of the foundation i own :) I do like trying out new foundation hehe
and no.. i dont wear makeup every single day :P 

so lets start

The packaging can be improved somehow, i hate the star in the middle, i hate the combination of transparent jar with black color, i dont know why.
The jar is made from a plastic material but of course it is strong :)
The black cap needs to be twisted to open.

oh and here it the price!
i am so proud of myself to be able to write the price without feeling guilty,
it is RP 80.000 in Glow 

Here is the tip of the tube, i love these kind of tip because i can control the amount of the foundation
and, it is hygienic :)

here is the swatch, it feels creamy and somehow thick but not super thick :P 
easy to blend and it dries quick :D
it is lightweight and has a medium-high coverage depends on the look of the acne/scars :)
the scent, is actually isnt that obvious unless you sniff it close up.

lets see how this last on my skin :)
11 am, getting ready to go out.

12.30 still at home because i had to eat lunch at home.
my skin looks dewy to oily. 
So oil control isnt that strong.

15.30pm in the fitting room :P
at this hour, you can see how oily my skin is, and i had to blot my face.
this looks like after a long 6-8 hours face with other liquid foundation but not this one :(

17.30pm, the infamous background, the toilet :P
again, oily, had to blot my face, again :P

- poor oil control
- creamy texture
- dries quick
- no scent
- medium-high coverage

will i repurchase?
- nope :( 


zy said...

max factor second skin foundation works better than this :)

theresia fweegy said...

Yeap i heard :D need to buy that one soon :) thank you dear :)

Anonymous said...

Did you apply any primer or setting powder? No wonder you're so oily if the answer is no! Try it again with one/both, the results are incredible!