Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am pretty sure you girlies have heard of this brand before right? 
and you guys know i am not a big fan of eyeshadow.. but i bought one just to test :)

so here are the pictures,
the packaging.. i must say it is cute! never seen one like this before, it is a tiny jar.

and this is what it looks like when you take the lid off, there is a black cap to press down the eyeshadow, as the eyeshadow itself, it is not powdery, not mousse either, it is rather unique :)

the swatch of the eyeshadow,
i took this sample from the black cap that pressed the eyeshadow down, and oh boy! it is pigmented
soft and velvety texture and that is when you know it is high pigmentation.


- good pigmentation
- good packaging
- the packaging is hygienic for the eyeshadow with the lid that pressed tight
- price was around SGD 18 ish

the negative side:
however..  it is unhygienic for us because there is no sponge or applicator to dip the eyeshadow in :(

will i repurchase?
hmm for the price and my "not-so-really" favorism for eyeshadow... nope i wont buy it :P
but it is a good eyeshadow if you are an eyeshadow lover though :) 



zy said...

looks good coz It's not powdery.. wondering if it's available here in indo..

theresia fweegy said...

nope not in indo yet :(