Thursday, January 10, 2013



So, you all know my obsession with foundation and bb cream hehe 

I am so happy and honored to have the privilege to try this BB Cream from Kiehl's and this BB Cream will be released somewhere in March 2013. 

well let me tested it out for you girls so you know what you will be getting :)

My skin condition:
as you all know i have a very oily T-Zone so Normal to Oily
* but i seriously think my oil level in my body is extreme haha *

so i am always on the look for a bb cream that wont break me out, that can stay long on my face around 4-6 hours and has a good coverage & light weight feeling on my skin :) so i dont feel cakey!

Here is the packaging:
When it comes to Kiehl's their designs are simple, clean and effective!
It has a white tube with some black colored writings.
The tube feels flexible and it is easy for you to squeeze the product out :)
This tube is 30ml.

When you open the cap, this is what it looks like :)

and i know the lighting isnt being helpful in this picture but this bb cream comes in 3 different shades: Light, Fair & Natural

I think mine is Fair :) This bb cream has a spf 50 :) which is very high and usually spf 50 like this will make my skin oily very quick but we shall see the process later.
The scent for this bb cream is herbal-ish so if you are not a big fan of scent, this scent might tickles your nose :P, the texture on my hand is thick due to the high spf but it blends in well quickly and dries pretty fast :) so already has a good point there!

so lets see my face after a whole day of wearing it :)

here is me wearing the bb cream at 10.30pm

here is me at 2.30pm


my skin gets dewy at the 4th hour :) which is pretty good although i hope it will stay like that for 6 hours though but four hours is good enough :)
and i think with one time for blotting, this bb cream can stay pretty much the whole day :)

will i buy it?
yes i actually am considering it :) seeing it with spf 50 but a lightweight & easy to absorb into the skin quality attracted my heart.


teh soraya said...

aku juga jenis kulitnya T Zone

thanks for shared this post


theresia fweegy said...

@soraya: welcome dear :)