Sunday, January 20, 2013


Bonjour beauties!

hows your day? good i hope ;)
i am ... currently on my holiday, yes i am a freelancer so time is pretty flexible :) and i decides to update my blog with new posts! yayyy* but i will be working and designing for you all during public holiday :)

anyway, lets start!
here i will be reviewing about:
and yes this isnt the real tube because i got this when i was a subscriber to a beauty box :)

well since this isn the real packaging and i never seen one in real life but i did a research on the true packaging and it is.. almost the same, just the sample is smaller *of course* and the cap is rounder while the real one is ... 

courtesy of

but here is the sample packaging and i think the picture itself speaks of its own :)
the packaging still carries the same cover of the real packaging, same color and similar in the jar shape.
As for the sample itself, it is easy for me to use, i just have to squeeze it hehe and due to its small shape, it is easier for me to carry it for travelling!

here is the swatch, the color i believe has a tiny slightly grey undertone. It is lightweight and creamy. You only need a pea size for your whole face. The coverage is high because it covered my huge pimple! As for the scent, i cant really recall any horrible scent so scent-wise still bear-able :)

i put it on my face at 11 am , was getting ready to go out to see a friend :)

here it is at still looked dewy

4.30pm, at the salon waiting for my friend :) starting to get oily on the nose

6.15pm.. HOME! 
anyone needs some oil? ahhaha

so lets see!

- i love the packaging/jar/design
- easy for me to squeeze (sample size it is)
- lightweight
- high coverage
-strength of oil control last for about 4 hours which was.. alright for me

regarding the price... i cant mention it because i really dont know the price since i got this for free!

will i repurchase?
no because im looking for products that has a good oil control strength for at least 6 hours but this is my skin we are talking about haha it is slightly "unique" so if you have a normal skin or.. a normal oil level skin, feel free to try this out! because i know deep down this is a good product.



Susan Lolo Bua said...

nice review :) sayang banget oil control kurang.

theresia fweegy said...

@susan: iyaaa sangat kurang :(