Wednesday, January 16, 2013



please please do not get bored hearing me.. well reading about lip products :P

i dont know why and how i didnt do this post for this product!
i love these lip glosses when i was in Uni!
They are just the bomb for me :)

here is the Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss!

i wont state the price because:
- i forgot * an honest answer *
- price would be different in here :P

so the tube of this gloss is cute, the size is pretty small actually. A simple design with a transparent tube where we can see the color and make life so much easier in picking them :P
i do owned a few shades and i did tell you this is the bomb!

here are the names :)

here are the color :) and the wand

color swatches!

- when it says RICH COLOR GLOSS, they mean it!
- Thick and moisturizing
- Super pigmented for a gloss!
- Natural color on the lips (this is the main reason why i am obsessed with Bobbi Brown until now)
- it has a gorgeous scent that makes me think so classy and chic :)
- soft texture
-long lasting on the lips unless you wipe it.

down side:
- pricey & small (but honestly, with the quality you are getting, it is so worth it)
- i need to apply some lip balm before applying the gloss because i think it leaves a sticky residue on the lips :p some people may like this but i dont :P

will i repurchase?
- well with the amount of shades i own, i dont think i should buy more.

will i recommend this?
- yes i would! moisturizing + pigmented! 
- these products dont lie when it comes to rich color + gloss :)


Hana said...

omg ci, ur collection is suppaaa awesome

theresia fweegy said...

Thank you Hana :) i love lipstick hahaha :P