Tuesday, January 8, 2013



How many of you have heard of this special and good website? where it carries and sell a lot of overseas superb brand? Ranging from Mario Badescu *great skin care EVER* to Sleek Makeup *my faves!*

I did purchased some items from Luxola and the shipping is very fast *tumbs up* 

and now....
 I have a surprise for everyone!

How would you like to get 10% OFF from Luxola?!?!
That special discount will be given to you lovely readers of my blog!

how to get this 10%? well no worries dear :D just follow these steps:

2. and it will take you to the main page of my blog. 
Now, go and hover your mouse to the right side of the blog, and click on the image of Luxola :D

3. The it will lead you straight away to this page:

and... what else is next?

well go on and have fun browsing and shopping of course :D

just dont forget to use the code that is written:

Happy shopping!

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