Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Oh well well well..

looks like we survived 2012 eh? 


sorry, i just have to said that!


alright.. so new year, new you and new resolution!
and we are so ready to say goodbye to the last year :)

to start this new year of 2013.. i decided to create this 2012 favorites post where it is all about my almost 6months up to a year products that i have been loving, that i know it works well on my skin and they are just perfect for me :P

Let us start with a skincare :)

I personally have been loving them for my skincare routine :)
If i have my makeup on, i remove them with Biore cleansing wipes, why? well with this product we dont have to rub and stretch our skin just to get that makeup off, because by doing that you are making yourself more wrinkle-y :P *no i am not joking* This product is very easy to use and so easy to remove the make up with literally just one wipe! 

For the cleansing milk, facial foam & toner, i do have a sensitive skin and most of these types of products i have tried either have this burning feeling on my skin or make my skin became super tight and i dont like it but these three products are different :)
The lift up my dirt/left over makeup, cleanse my face and the toner * i usually have problems with toner ALL THE TIME* just doesnt irritate my skin at all ;D

I know i have tried a few moisturizer but, these two moisturizers for day and night are the FIRST moisturizer i hit pan :D
I actually can spot a different by using these products, i feel my skin is more glowing and radiating :)
* no i am not being extreme*

so now we are moving into make up :)

Foundation- i have been loving and using Revlon colorstay and mainly, this is the first product that stay matte on my face almost a whole day without having me blotting :) this is totally the dupe for MAC Studio Fix :)

BB Cream- Missha matte bb cream, i know i always bragging about Lioele but for some reason, i did used this bb cream through out this year, i have no idea why, i guess it is because of the matte finishing it gives :) and i also i dont want to waste it hehe

Eye primer- that would be my NYX eyeshadow base, although this eye primer isnt as good as the others i have tried before but i did use this one through out this year, basically,almost every single time i went out and it is still full :) not saying that this doesnt have a good staying power, it does but compare to others, it doesnt :) but it is still useful.

Eyeshadow- that would be my REVLON duo color palette eyeshadow, i love neutral colors for the eyes and that means either dark colors or browns but most of the time, i wore brown :) and these two are the palette i pick all the time, i guess i love it because the brown color is so natural.

Eyebrow- all time fave! Skinfood! the color just perfect and it is in a eyeshadow form so it doesnt make a harsh shape on my face :) 

Lipstick- it is SARIAYU 01 (Denting Kecapi), the pink color just GORGEOUS! enough said and of course superb quality of Long lasting and high pigmentation!

Blush- i know i dont show this much on my post but i have been using this cream blush on from bobbi brown and i wore it whenever i travel hehee. The pigmentation isnt that high but you can build it up and the best *this is for normal and dry skin i think* it leaves a dewy glowy finish :)

Lastly, the body products :)

I love my deodorant, LADY SPEED STICK, it isnt sticky, smells great and doesnt leave any white residue :)

Perfumes: as much as i think Miss Dior Cherie's scent doesnt last long but i did however use it all the time haha :P i guess i dont want the product goes to waste but it also has a soft and great sent, girly & playful. I also love YSL Parisienne, all time fave! it smells so mature and sexy yet girl :)

so tell me, what is your 2012 favorites?


Istiarina Putri said...

Fegyy, where did you bought the Lady Speed Stick? Mine is running out and the nearest supermarket don't restock it until now, I am depressed, LOL.


Istiarina Putri said...
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Stephanie Nangoi said...

Do a review on the Miss Dior Cherie perfume~ ^__^

theresia fweegy said...

@tia: hmmmm di ta hero kalo ga salah inget?? hehe mank supermarket lain g ada kah? food hall?
@phanie: will do soon ;) hehe tp sbnrnya si miss dior cherie ini.. wanginya ga gt last long compare to ysl seh