Friday, December 21, 2012



I received a free invitation from ZAP and you have no idea how long i have been wanting to try this laser removal treatment! so.. on a Saturday, i drove to ZAP, wiggling my car through the traffic under the hot weather but i made it :D

so here is the location, at Belleza Shopping Arcade in Permata Hijau.
Love the building, so posh!

and since i never came here so i had to ask the guard the location of ZAP, he wasnt very helpful though but nevertheless, i found it :)

and here is the look of the inside :)
colorful yet in a similar tone, so once i reached there, i gave the girl behind the counter my invitation and i waited for them to type my data out..

while i was waiting for them, i took some pictures of their promo and details and i am so sorry i forgot to ask for the prices :'( because i was nervous haha but i think they have it on their website.

i hope this is right :)

Before the treatment started, one of the girl came to me and explain the whole process of the treatment and of course, a detailed yet short clear explanation about our hair and the process results after the treatment. I love when a company is very informative on their products, somehow it soothed me and calm me down because i know what i am going through and i found out that this machine works well with dark color hair because it can detect easily and remove it.  She also explains that usually people come in for 5-8 times depending on the hair growth :) and that is within 6 months.

*do correct me if i am wrong*

then.. another girl.. well what should i call this girl? a beautician? 
ok lets call her a beautician because she was the one who gave me the laser treatment :)
she led me to a room and this is the path, towards the treatment room. 

Once i am in the room, as you can see from a few snapshots, it is very clean.

This is the machine that they use for the treatment. Next to it, there are two dustbins and i think by dividing dust bin into two parts (toxic and non toxic) is a very organized :) i love it!

and this is the bed where i have to lay down :)
cosy and clean :)

oh and.. next to the bed, it has a huge mirror :D i love mirror!
and.. when you lay down on the bed, and look up there is a tv! good distraction for people like me :P
it was playing How i met your mother s08 !

opposite from the bed, i saw this brown drawer/table where all the equipment are placed neatly.

and then.. my battery ran out :(
but, dont worry, the treatment process began straight forward.

First, they shaved the hair so since i am doing for underarm, they shaved the hair on that area and apply some cooling gel, and then, let the laser began! hehe oh and, we have to put this super cool glasses so that our eyes arent affected with the rays :) 

The process with this laser, i think, it is depending on you on how you can take it, so like me, i have a poor pain tolerance so i cant really deal with pain ahaha once the beautician did the laser treatment, oh the laser treatment is applied space by space following the area of the machine, so it isnt apply to the whole area being treated instead one by one and how do you know when it is done? well i waited until i cant take it anymore due to the heat and "plucking" feeling and told her to stop and that is when the laser treatment is done. The beautician talked to me through out the whole process and i prefer it that way to get rid my anxiousness haha Once it is done, she will clean up the left over gel and you are set to continue your activity :)

How it feels?
well the cooling gel is cool and thick hehe i like it, as for the laser, it started alright and it feels like when you use a tweezer to pluck your hair out, it is like that, but gradually the laser will release this heat so when you cant stand the heat, tell the beautician to stop :) I honestly feel that the plucking feeling is a good thing because it feels like it lasers the root of the hair!  
and i have a sensitive skin so i did feel a slight burning sensation but i still can stand it though :D *yay to me*  

So communicating is important in this treatment!

A little more note, after this treatment, make sure not to put deodorant on the treated area, take cold shower and this is my personal note, not to touch too much let alone scratch because the skin that is being treated is slightly sensitive and need some time to adjust :) 

alrighty girls, i hope i cover everything!
if you want to know more just contact ZAP

twitter: @zapcoid
fb: zap
bb pin: 26B6ED04

or for more information on contacts

thanks for viewing :)

ps: i know i dont have the before and after picture of my underarms because i am shy to show it but i think by showing it is also not appropriate since everyone has a different speed on hair growth so my hair growth is different from yours :) but if you want a permanent hair removal, laser is the choice :)


melissayurika said...

Aku juga baru coba Zap minggu kemarin ^^.. Orangnya ramah2 yaa, seneng deh xD
yg di woltermongisidi enak ci, ada kafenya hehe

theresia fweegy said...

aku ga tau k wolter gmn.. haaha iya ramah2.. tp.. sakit seh cetit2 hahaha

romacchiato said...

yaelah feeeg feg. lu ko ga bilang2 lu maenan ke bellezza? itu tempat gw ngajar wkwkwkwkwkkwkwkw

theresia fweegy said...

serius lo mak? beneran lo ngajar di belleza? gw pikir around there only hahaha eh tp sabtu mank lo ngajar?

dytarez said...

aku jg udah nyobain treatment-nya ZAP. Pelayanannya bagus banget, ramah semua, jadi seneng ^^

sekarang udah waktunya balik kesana lagi, tapi masih belum sempet :(

romacchiato said...

Kaga lahhh. Tp kalo lu beneran kesana psti gw nyusul hahahahaha