Wednesday, December 19, 2012


are you girlies wondering.. what is this item below??
so..i found this when i was in sephora Singapore :) and.. purchasing this was a rush and sudden and instant buying hahah

why did i buy this without knowing what this is?
well first, i love the packaging.. im a sucker for.. anything vintage!
so as you all can see from the picture below, the packaging is simple, but the design is vintage :) love it, and this round jar is pretty easy to turn and open :) 

well what do you know? that this is a lipbalm!
i love this, i love the scent and at that time i needed one lipbalm :P
i love the color that it is pinky

whats the best part?
after i read the ingredients & usage... it reminded me of Vaseline!
i love vaseline and i live by it, i just cant find it here :(
so this jar is full of usage :) but my main usage is for my lips.

the texture:
well this is a lipbalm or vaseline, so even if it has color in the jar, i dont expect this to have a very strong pigmentation, so color wise it is only 10% but that is alright because, it super moisturize my lips, like if lets say the level of moisturize that is best for your skin 100%, this one is like 110%!

did i tell u how much i love the scent?

- good scent
- good moisturizer
- good packaging

- none because this will be my fave for a long time!


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