Tuesday, December 18, 2012


woot woot for another blush-on review!

hello everyone.. i owned quite a variety of blush-on / blushes and today i will be reviewing one of them, and it is...

*drum rolls*

The Revlon Naturally Glam Blush On!

 Lets see what it says on the palette : *sorry i forgot to capture so i will just write it down*
- Silky long wearing formula
- never has powder blush been so longlasting. never has it been so silky, so refined so naturally glamorous. 

hmmmm shall we see test and see the truth? 

so here is the packaging.. the price was the same as the powder ones, it was around IDR 85k but i prefer this packaging more, it looks very.. classy! so packaging: check and thumbs up!

lets open the palette and tada!
i love the mirror, it is big compare to the powder blush and it comes with the brush which is handy :P

and now onto the swatches... 

so... again, i have to do.. a few swipes more to be able to capture the color and thankfully, the color is visible compare after a few swipes. The texture is soft and slightly velvety hence a better pigmentation of color. As for the scent, i dont recall any scent i can smell haha or maybe it is just my nose :P

so conclusion:
- long lasting : yes because i have been using this for the past 2 years haha and these are one of my fave products, so longlasting: check
- texture: soft and velvety so i guess i can say silky, so silky: check
- pigmentation: good and i think because of a good pigmentation, it leads to a long lasting finish on your skin, again for long lasting: check
- price: for this products, IDR 85K-ish, is still alright although there are more blushes that has a better pigmentation and price

so will i repurchase?
well, nope but i am not saying i hated these, in fact i love them! but i think i can get a better color and quality with a lower price hehe unless i cant find anything else lower n better so i probably will repurchase this again :D


Vicky Hoang said...

great review.. which one is your absolute favorite? :)

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theresia fweegy said...

@vicky: hey! hmm if i have to pick one.. i cant haha :P i love blushes alot and lipstick :D and i am so jealous you are subscribe to ipsy ahhaha :P