Thursday, December 13, 2012



it is almost Christmas time and i am sure you all girlies out there want to look pretty right? and of course wearing the right makeup that shows on your face and long lasting :)

Truthfully, i am not a big fan of eye makeup because, i tend to rub my eyes for no reason hehe

so, i purchase most of my makeup from this shop :) 

i am the type of person that when i find a shop that i feel comfortable in, let it be price or the friendly owner, i will be the most loyal customer ever :D

so, when i was browsing through Mirielle Beaute fb, i saw these eyeshadows from NYX that i dont think i have ever seen them here? so i went and purchased them ;D
price is RP 30.000 exclude delivery fee :)

so lets start with the packaging, i personally think the packaging is... cheapo.
made from plastic and it is rather tiny i must say.

i got them in three colors and the name are down below :)

here are the close up look on the colors

and i seriously am not a big fan of the packaging because, there is no extra cap to cover the top of the jar and i am a messy person so with my careless-ness when i open it, it is a mess everyone haha :P

here is the swatches, i must say these are just taken from the lid, i didnt even put the whole pigment inside out and they are pretty vibrant which i like :D
The texture is soft and somehow velvety so i have a good feeling this will be super pigmented :D and we need that for our event !

so overall conclusion:
- love the color pigmentation
- love the vibrancy of the color especially for Christmas and New Year :D
- the texture
-not fond of the packaging, rather unhygienic 
- it will stay strong and vibrant on your eyes if you add some eye primer before applying this
- low cost!



zy said...

look a little bit messy.. maybe because the packaging... nice review btw :)

theresia fweegy said...

very messy banget amat sangat hahaha :P