Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Well, some of you may think that this is such old products but.. i do not care... they are one of my favorites! i have loads of faves when it comes to lip products ahah and i want to share them with you!

so.. without further a do... HOLA CHICAS!

are you considering to buy NYX products? well dont hesitate! i am going to write down why i think this is such the perfect lipstick to splurge.

first, the price, these products are from USA so the prices in the states are alot way cheaper than here but of course, we cant blame them because of the shipping fee, the taxes, they need to earn some profits too so the price over here is IDR 65k .. if i am not mistaken..

i am not a big fan of the packaging of this lipstick.. it is.. kiddy or more to the cute but because of the black color i guess it helped the look more mature? well the packaging doesnt bother me.

so i owned 7 colors.. call me crazy haha i did tell you that i love them!

here are the looks

the name

and the swatches

for the price, these items are very affordable and worth it because it has a good pigmetation, silky, easy to glide and it moisturizes. But the downside is, the color doesnt last long well if you dont drink or wipe  your lips, the color will stay there but if i do wipe it, it bares your natural lips color straight away but i dont see the problem in that as i can always re apply this.
i think a good lipstick it has to have a velvety texture and strong pigmentation of course not forgetting the moisturizers which these products have them :)

but then again.. few color choices compare to the states. if you want to color you can buy from online shop but i am not a big fan of waiting though haha 

so til next time ladies.

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Pauline Reyes said...

I can’t blame you Theresia, and yes, I agree with you…these lippies are my all-time favorite too!
~Pauline @Nyx Philippines