Sunday, December 23, 2012


Let me introduce you to my very first bb cream :)
i had no idea what is a bb cream or what does it do until i saw a friend of mine using one and her skin looks ah-mah-zing! and of course i wanted it too so i started to search for bb cream for oily skin and i finally decided to purchase this one :)

It is Missha Perfect cover bb cream!

the price was around RP 285.000 or so *sorry if i got it wrong*

the packaging:
i found the packaging is messy. The appearance is alright, red with a silver-gold-ish pump and a transparent cap with the introduction in front. The reason why i said it is messy is the pump has to be clean after using it and i am a type of person who can be very careless at times so i forgot to clean it and close with with the transparent cap and voila! the cap is "colored" with the bb cream :(

but other than that, it works perfectly fine for me :)

here it the swatch:

- color is skin tone and lighter
- it has a soft powdery scent
- it has a slightly creamy texture
- it feels lightweight on my skin
- good coverage

so another experiment :)
my skin looked very matte after the apply and face powder

It makes my skin stay matte and dewy for almost a good 5 hours *as you can see at 7pm only i get oily* but, when my face got oily, the bb cream slides off showing my pimples on the chin.

- as for the scent, i have no problem with it

- as for the packaging, i think they can do better but for the current one i am alright :)

will i repurchased?
- nope

til next time!


lina indrayanti said...

Masih kalah yach sm lioele.....
Padahal aku penasaran berat sm bb cream ini....
Hasil pas pertama pake bagus banget di kamu...

theresia fweegy said...

@lina: iya.. lioele nomor 1! ;D