Saturday, December 15, 2012


Please do not get bored of me talking about lipstick, that is just showing how much of a lipstick person i am :P


who here loves lipstick? and think that lipstick is one of the important makeup essentials that you must have in your handbag? well i do!

and today i will be talking or more like writing about my own opinion about this Max Factor Lipstick!
First of all, the price is around RP 72000, if the price doesn't change or do correct me if i am wrong :D

so the packaging, hmm they are kinda high-class with the gold detailed cap but, when you touched it, it feels plastic so... yeah.. i let you be the judge haha
i am alright with the packaging after all the color that is important :D
and it feels light though.

i got mine in two colors and here are the names

here are the look of the lipstick open, dont you just love the strong and pinky color it has?

and the swatches.
Compare to the color of the lipstick above, i must say, pigmentation is poor, but i am alright because i prefer to layer it up :) it is moisturizing though so it has a soft texture when you apply it on your lips. it has a slight scent which is fine on my nose.

- poor pigmentation
- moisturizing
- a high-class, expensive, elegant aesthetic
- lightweight packaging
- soft scent
- soft texture on lips
- price for this quality is rather steep 

will i repurchase?
- not for the third time haha :P

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