Thursday, December 6, 2012


it is 12.25 am as i am writing this post :P and i am currently eating a jello.
interesting much? well i thought you would like to know what i am doing right now:P

anyhoo, i tried another new foundie but before i proceed... do read the warning below:

alright so did i tell you that i am now looking for liquid foundation more than bb cream? well i found out that bb cream make my face gets oily very fast due to the spf :( but i still use them since i bought so many :P but yes, i do have to keep on blotting!

so i got and purchased this foundation from Etude House called Dream on Foundation, i was lucky because it was on sale! like HUGE sale!

so long story short,
the packaging: love! L.O.V.E! cuteness overload! hahaha i think that describes how much i love the packaging.
the price: around RP 298.000 but i got it for RP 130.000 ish? around there :D good bargain eh?

simple, girly, and cute!

got this foundation in the shade #2

i love foundation or anything that use this kind of pump, make it easier for me to control the volume on my hand :D

so here is the swatch,

looks light but it blends in well with my skin tone! just apply some powder to settle my face. 
It feels light weight and it has slightly plastic-y scent like Revlon Colorstay. It is easy to blend and so far no problemo!

so lets see the process or shall i say... the length of time for the oil to come out haha

so here i ammmm getttingg readdyy at 2pm, smooth and matte, me likey! my hair is still wet sowwie.

then 4pm, waiting for the car.. slightly oily on the nose but that is normal for me

then i blotted my face by this time and off i go to do my errands!

then... 8pm.. although on the picture it doesnt really show the oil, but at this time i felt.. like.. cakey and itchy like i just want to wipe the whole make up off from my face!

then again i blotted!

and i reached home at 11pm.. here it is: oily on the T Zone  even on the cheeks :( 

if you have normal skin or normal oil balance on your face, i think this foundation will work well on you but since i have a super duper oily skin, this doesnt really work on me :( although i really hope it would! i will still use this but i have to keep on blotting :(

so far with the texture i am fine as i said earlier on it is lightweight, not a big fan of the scent but i think if scents are not a problem then you will be fine purchasing this,  i love the jar!

so until next time girls!


lina indrayanti said...

Sayang yach oil controlnya kurang padahal hasilnya awalnya bagus alami banget biarpun judulnya ur review sis

mels said...

cute banget packagingnya >.< tapi oil controlnya kurang oke ya huhu :( apakabar ini muka-ku kan tambang minyak

theresia fweegy said...

@lina: iya... pdhl awalnya aku udah suka eh oil controlnya yg jelek...

@Mels: yeapp itu salah satu alesan knp aku beli hahah packaging :P