Saturday, December 8, 2012

REVIEW: e.l.f. Studio HD Blush

hello everyone and how's your day?

today, i will do a review on this cute blusher that i crave and wanting for a very long time!
It is the ELF HD BLUSH :)
We dont have an official ELF Shop open here but we can get them through online shops but sadly, their price are very high especially when i know the real price of this blush :( 
So after quite sometimes looking for a shop that sell them in a lower price, I found one!

i bought this blusher from a friend of mine it costs RP 50.000 (exclude delivery)
which i think is a good price *unless there are people out there who sells it for RP 30.000 then.... :P * since most shops i asked are selling them from 60.000 above, yikes!

Anyway, here is the blush jar, the material is rather plastic-y but of course strong enough :)
Truthfully i expect this to be more bigger like the MUFE HD foundation size but it is very tiny and thankfully i purchased it for RP 50.000 only :D

I dont really like the design, it is super plain just the logo and the name of the blush appear on the body of the jar and thats it! It has a pump but sometimes pump can be hard to control the amount of the product you want to use hmmm but it is cleaner and neater though :) and it is kinda small compare to my expectation hehe but oh well! it is a drugstore product :D

i got mine in this shade :)

see the size?
height is around 10cm or less!

diameter is around 2-3cm

here is the pump :)

and here is the swatch!
i love the color! alright so we have to think that ELF is actually a drugstore brand in the States so this isnt a high-end brand, and this cream blush for a drugstore brand is quite good in terms of pigmentation, texture, weight and scent :)

The color pigmentation is superb because you really dont need a lot of product to use because a little bit goes a long way :) way to save up!
The scent, i believe there is no scent i can smell or even if they do it doesnt bother me.
The texture is creamy but not thick and when you apply it onto your face, it dries and became a powdery texture and of course it is easy to blend!
It is lightweight considering that this is a creamy blush :)

Oh and... it last long on my skin :D yes i didnt take picture because... i forgot :( but it lasted long, almost a good 6 hours and more :D talk about some pigmentation eh! :D and dont worry, it can be removed by using Makeup Remover :)

so will I repurchase?
- yes! 

til my next post!


Lady Klepon said...

aaaaaaah, bikin pengen >_<
btw murah banget, ol shopnya apa sih? :(

Rindodo ♥ said...

omg. it looks so much like MUDE HD cream blush! I've been drooling over the MUFE one like forever! thanks for sharing~~~ May I know where did you buy it?

Rindodo ♥ said...

aw sory, typo. I mean *MUFE* >.<

Shasha said...

warnanya bagus~ bener kata lina, mirip2 punya MUFE ya~ tapi harganya jauh lebih murah hehehe

theresia fweegy said...

@all: iyaaaa! ini super bagus lho apalg kalo kalian bisa dapetin langsung dr us, titip gt krn ini hanya.. $3 kalo ga salah.. ini aku lwt tmnku dah lama cm br post skr hehehe

MiyaRahmi said...

huwaaaa,,aku juga lagi pesen ini,warnanya sama pula,yess berarti bagus warnanya,sesuai harapan :D

thx for sharing :D

theresia fweegy said...

iya ini utk product drugstore sh bagus.. tahan lama :D sayang tmnku lg ttp po.. ktnya sampe 6 bln lg baru buka.. hikz