Friday, December 21, 2012

Looxtag : Things You Can't Go Out Without


Just for fun i am going to do a tag from Looxperiments

and this tag is about...

The beauty/skincare items that you cant leave your house without!

I thought it will be fun to show you my must have items before going from the house :P

i know as much as i hate to complain about my oily skin, moisturizer is a must :) and my favorite moisturizer at the moment is Olay total effects spf 15. 
I need spf even i work at home, just incase if i do go out and pop into a supermarket nearby to buy some snacks :P

I love The Body Shop body mist in Moringa! it has a floral and girly scent, it makes me smell nice and i just love to give a little touch of scent on my body after shower, it is like the dessert in a fine course meal :P does that make sense? haha

i know this isnt a beauty and skincare but my fringe sometimes just wont listen :P so i usually clip it :)

i live for foundation and bb cream! this is one of my must routine before going out!
i dont have a smooth silky skin so foundation/bb cream is always a go to for me :)
My favorite foundation is Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation and my favorite bb cream is Lioele triple solution, both of these has good oil control on my skin :) and i have been loving them in this year!
Both of them also have spf which is always a good thing to add them onto your skin :)

powder is just to settle my face to make it matte and my favorite powder is MAKE OVER because it has a good coverage :D

well, i do have a bald eyebrow at the moment, i cant wait for them to grow so i can do a proper threading :P but meanwhile i use this SKIN FOOD eyebrow kit and i have been using for a long time! i love the color :)

i cant go out without blush on, i always think i look so pale and sick without them!
my favorite blush on is from BOBBI BROWN :) 
i will do a review why i love it so i wont ramble alot in here.

i do have a pretty bad chapped lips and i think it is more of a habit now :s
but i do apply lipbalm and this is my favorite lipbalm and i know i purchase them recently like in October. The reason why i love this is because it actually make my lips smooth and made it hard for me to pull the dry skin off from my lips :) bad habit of mine i tell ya

last but not least, my whole look wont be complete without a lipstick, most of the time i would go for a pink or a natural color lipstick but recently i love this NYX MATTE LIPSTICK in Natural color :) perfect for day and night!

I hope you enjoy my beauty/skincare items that i cant go out without :P


lina indrayanti said...

Bb cream favoritku juga....
Nice post it ;)

theresia fweegy said...

@lina: thank you say :)