Sunday, December 23, 2012



What a day i had today :D
I attend a blogger gathering held by Kiehl's and at first i was super indecisive whether i should go or not, but in the end i did and i didnt regret anything :) i love meeting other bloggers and we had fun! 
and believe me, i had to rush my design so that everything can be done the next morning :) and that means lack of sleep :P


How many of you use Kiehl's products?
I am going to be very honest with you that i never use their products, heard yes, alot of times :) but use their products. nope :P

But! i do know that they are good for their skincare but i am still debating and deciding which range i should get :) anyway, i wont go into details on the history, their products and etc because i have a video ready for you :) but i will be sharing my own opinion about the event!

Overall, i was satisfied and happy for the event even it was so sudden and i probably the last person who rsvp :P but i do love how informative Kiehl's provide their information and the beautician knows the products well, i feel like i dont need to see a dermatologist, i love how we got to try some of their products in the form of samples *but i am afraid i wont be able to write a review anytime soon but i promise i will! :D * because i have been to a lot of skin care booth or shop and they are very stingy when it comes to samples and what's best about Kiehl's samples? they have a big packaging for samples, well biggest i have ever seen and received though :) but i am happy that i got the samples i want to try, i guess in short words: Kiehl's knows their customers need and they nailed it by giving them a good solution :)

I honestly think Kiehl's has a great marketing system where it wants the customers new or old to test and try their products so that it is proven with our own eyes and body how the products work :) and i had a session where i tried to test what kind of skin i have and yes i do have normal to oily and from there, a beautician assisted me to the range and they will ask what kind of treatment you need for your skin and as for me, i need it for oily skin and pores so i got samples from the range of Rare Earth. I am a big believer in this type of marketing, because people who knows me, it is very hard to convince me unless there is a proof so with Kiehl's marketing system where it allows me to try their products to see whether it works well or not, they got my thumbs up!

Here is some snapshots of me receiving their consultation session:)

Here is a test to find out what kind of skin type you have, just by placing 2 papers of these each on forehead and cheeks. To check the skin types, just look at the dots and compare it to the diagram on the box.

All of their products dont have gorgeous fragrances like perfumes but that is how i like it :) it feels genuine with the natural ingredients! and i think for this month, all the gain from the selling that they sold through their products, will be donated :) all good deeds for a holly month, i love it!

I personally think, having their bath & body range and hair range is a good thing, i also have problem with my hair loss and i am so tempted to try the thickening shampoo! 

and lastly, everyone's there was really helpful in terms of answering questions, giving solutions and explaining the skin condition and that is a very good point from me :) i dont need them to ramble on products that i have no idea what they are used for and i prefer them just to attend to my needs and make it clear and helpful :) and i think Kiehl's tackled this very good :)

alrighty then, to end this post, here is a couple of snapshots from the events :)

til next event loves!

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Felicia Permata Halim said...

aa seneng bacanya gyy. untung bgt lu cepet selesein design lu terus ikut yee, i had so much funn with u all loo \(^.^)/ hihi XD