Tuesday, December 4, 2012



i have another event report for you :) and this time is from THE BODY SHOP *whee*

The event took place in Mall Taman Anggrek 
at 10.30am
and.. it is..


Gosh love that word :P i mean who doesnt? 

Let me tell you something, i went to quite a few beauty workshop and.. i usually have to pay. When my friend told me The Body Shop is having a beauty workshop and it is free, i was ecstatic! but deep down, i dont expect alot from it because it is free so we probably wont get alot of goodie bags.

what i love from the beauty workshop:

- we got food! (a ham bread, a choco muffin and a packet of juice) * at this time i started to think this is so worth it*

- we learned about gift wrapping which i think an extra good point, i learned how to wrap a gift! :D and i usually hate wrapping because it can never turn out neat but it did *surprise!*

- i love how the beautician staff allowed us to apply makeup to our face and because of this they received a good review from me! i always believe that a beauty workshop is where you learned how to apply makeup so if a beautician helped all the way, then it is pretty useless :P

- we got a few samples on our table :)

- we got a goodie bag!

- i won a body butter 

so, i didnt have to pay any money, in other words, FREE, i got ALOT of goodies and food, that literally made my day! i went home carrying alot of items and i didnt even have to spend a coin for it :)

but there was also a tiny weeny bit of the downside, which were: 
*they didnt provide brushes on every table so we have to wait
* the makeup range isnt that complete ( no liquid foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow, conceler, as for the skincare - no cleansing milk, toner, moisturizer )
*lateness (it started at 12 ish i think whilst it should start at 10.30am)

oh well, cant have everything we want in life can we? but overall i am SUPER SATISFIED with the beauty workshop!

alrighty, enough blabber from me :) 
enjoy the pictures :)

lets begin..

i arrived pretty early where only 3 people were sitting on the other table :) 
oh! i think if The Body Shop do a huge ads, more people will come! i didnt know until my friend told me like a day before the workshop! 

here are the makeup & skincare products they provide on the table, not that complete.

and did i mention the food? i was literally smiling from frowning haha
food always make me happy :P

and the event begin! with a gift wrapping session!

and we can experiment by ourself in do a special wrapping, keep in mind i am a very messy person so wrapping gifts isnt my forte, thats why i prefer to design a box and print it out!

and... voila!
left: mine
right: Jess :D

i think gift wrapping is a very good idea since holidays are coming and you might need it to wrap your presents for your loved ones, but i think i keep it to my design & print system :) :P 

nevertheless... the makeup class began!
here is me with a bare face :D smiling and being happy

we started with a skin care routine, we dont really have the whole complete of product from: cleansing milk, toner, moisturizer but the whole process they taught us are useful :)

in the middle of the makeup lesson :D i go for a blue smokey look

with a dark bold red lipstick

here is the final look :D

and here is Jess working on her eyeliner :D

and she won as the best look of the day!!

picture time!!

and here are the goodies that i got!
i got a goodie bag that says " I HEART THEBODYSHOP" and inside the bag it came with the net bag next to the goodie bag and inside of the net bag it contains a packet of foam soap soy milk, a body wash from L.O.V.E collection? *sorry if i got it wrong, Vit E day & night moisturizer, and i got some samples :P

of course, my infamous gift wrapping body butter!

my present of me winning a quiz and this is the first time in my life i win something!

with that last picture, i bid you all farewell and til my next post!

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