Wednesday, December 26, 2012


One day i was walking in the mall, and then.. a huge display from MAC caught my eyes.
Look at her! isnt she gorgeous? so i decided to create my own version of this look :)

When I recreate a look, i want it to be simple and wearable :)

so here is the look :)

and to watch the tutorial, simply click here

Monday, December 24, 2012


hello love!

i am here just want to wish you a 

Very Merry Christmas



Glittering New Year!

Stay safe & party responsibly on these joyful days :*

Sunday, December 23, 2012



What a day i had today :D
I attend a blogger gathering held by Kiehl's and at first i was super indecisive whether i should go or not, but in the end i did and i didnt regret anything :) i love meeting other bloggers and we had fun! 
and believe me, i had to rush my design so that everything can be done the next morning :) and that means lack of sleep :P


How many of you use Kiehl's products?
I am going to be very honest with you that i never use their products, heard yes, alot of times :) but use their products. nope :P

But! i do know that they are good for their skincare but i am still debating and deciding which range i should get :) anyway, i wont go into details on the history, their products and etc because i have a video ready for you :) but i will be sharing my own opinion about the event!

Overall, i was satisfied and happy for the event even it was so sudden and i probably the last person who rsvp :P but i do love how informative Kiehl's provide their information and the beautician knows the products well, i feel like i dont need to see a dermatologist, i love how we got to try some of their products in the form of samples *but i am afraid i wont be able to write a review anytime soon but i promise i will! :D * because i have been to a lot of skin care booth or shop and they are very stingy when it comes to samples and what's best about Kiehl's samples? they have a big packaging for samples, well biggest i have ever seen and received though :) but i am happy that i got the samples i want to try, i guess in short words: Kiehl's knows their customers need and they nailed it by giving them a good solution :)

I honestly think Kiehl's has a great marketing system where it wants the customers new or old to test and try their products so that it is proven with our own eyes and body how the products work :) and i had a session where i tried to test what kind of skin i have and yes i do have normal to oily and from there, a beautician assisted me to the range and they will ask what kind of treatment you need for your skin and as for me, i need it for oily skin and pores so i got samples from the range of Rare Earth. I am a big believer in this type of marketing, because people who knows me, it is very hard to convince me unless there is a proof so with Kiehl's marketing system where it allows me to try their products to see whether it works well or not, they got my thumbs up!

Here is some snapshots of me receiving their consultation session:)

Here is a test to find out what kind of skin type you have, just by placing 2 papers of these each on forehead and cheeks. To check the skin types, just look at the dots and compare it to the diagram on the box.

All of their products dont have gorgeous fragrances like perfumes but that is how i like it :) it feels genuine with the natural ingredients! and i think for this month, all the gain from the selling that they sold through their products, will be donated :) all good deeds for a holly month, i love it!

I personally think, having their bath & body range and hair range is a good thing, i also have problem with my hair loss and i am so tempted to try the thickening shampoo! 

and lastly, everyone's there was really helpful in terms of answering questions, giving solutions and explaining the skin condition and that is a very good point from me :) i dont need them to ramble on products that i have no idea what they are used for and i prefer them just to attend to my needs and make it clear and helpful :) and i think Kiehl's tackled this very good :)

alrighty then, to end this post, here is a couple of snapshots from the events :)

til next event loves!


Let me introduce you to my very first bb cream :)
i had no idea what is a bb cream or what does it do until i saw a friend of mine using one and her skin looks ah-mah-zing! and of course i wanted it too so i started to search for bb cream for oily skin and i finally decided to purchase this one :)

It is Missha Perfect cover bb cream!

the price was around RP 285.000 or so *sorry if i got it wrong*

the packaging:
i found the packaging is messy. The appearance is alright, red with a silver-gold-ish pump and a transparent cap with the introduction in front. The reason why i said it is messy is the pump has to be clean after using it and i am a type of person who can be very careless at times so i forgot to clean it and close with with the transparent cap and voila! the cap is "colored" with the bb cream :(

but other than that, it works perfectly fine for me :)

here it the swatch:

- color is skin tone and lighter
- it has a soft powdery scent
- it has a slightly creamy texture
- it feels lightweight on my skin
- good coverage

so another experiment :)
my skin looked very matte after the apply and face powder

It makes my skin stay matte and dewy for almost a good 5 hours *as you can see at 7pm only i get oily* but, when my face got oily, the bb cream slides off showing my pimples on the chin.

- as for the scent, i have no problem with it

- as for the packaging, i think they can do better but for the current one i am alright :)

will i repurchased?
- nope

til next time!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Looxtag : Things You Can't Go Out Without


Just for fun i am going to do a tag from Looxperiments

and this tag is about...

The beauty/skincare items that you cant leave your house without!

I thought it will be fun to show you my must have items before going from the house :P

i know as much as i hate to complain about my oily skin, moisturizer is a must :) and my favorite moisturizer at the moment is Olay total effects spf 15. 
I need spf even i work at home, just incase if i do go out and pop into a supermarket nearby to buy some snacks :P

I love The Body Shop body mist in Moringa! it has a floral and girly scent, it makes me smell nice and i just love to give a little touch of scent on my body after shower, it is like the dessert in a fine course meal :P does that make sense? haha

i know this isnt a beauty and skincare but my fringe sometimes just wont listen :P so i usually clip it :)

i live for foundation and bb cream! this is one of my must routine before going out!
i dont have a smooth silky skin so foundation/bb cream is always a go to for me :)
My favorite foundation is Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation and my favorite bb cream is Lioele triple solution, both of these has good oil control on my skin :) and i have been loving them in this year!
Both of them also have spf which is always a good thing to add them onto your skin :)

powder is just to settle my face to make it matte and my favorite powder is MAKE OVER because it has a good coverage :D

well, i do have a bald eyebrow at the moment, i cant wait for them to grow so i can do a proper threading :P but meanwhile i use this SKIN FOOD eyebrow kit and i have been using for a long time! i love the color :)

i cant go out without blush on, i always think i look so pale and sick without them!
my favorite blush on is from BOBBI BROWN :) 
i will do a review why i love it so i wont ramble alot in here.

i do have a pretty bad chapped lips and i think it is more of a habit now :s
but i do apply lipbalm and this is my favorite lipbalm and i know i purchase them recently like in October. The reason why i love this is because it actually make my lips smooth and made it hard for me to pull the dry skin off from my lips :) bad habit of mine i tell ya

last but not least, my whole look wont be complete without a lipstick, most of the time i would go for a pink or a natural color lipstick but recently i love this NYX MATTE LIPSTICK in Natural color :) perfect for day and night!

I hope you enjoy my beauty/skincare items that i cant go out without :P



I received a free invitation from ZAP and you have no idea how long i have been wanting to try this laser removal treatment! so.. on a Saturday, i drove to ZAP, wiggling my car through the traffic under the hot weather but i made it :D

so here is the location, at Belleza Shopping Arcade in Permata Hijau.
Love the building, so posh!

and since i never came here so i had to ask the guard the location of ZAP, he wasnt very helpful though but nevertheless, i found it :)

and here is the look of the inside :)
colorful yet in a similar tone, so once i reached there, i gave the girl behind the counter my invitation and i waited for them to type my data out..

while i was waiting for them, i took some pictures of their promo and details and i am so sorry i forgot to ask for the prices :'( because i was nervous haha but i think they have it on their website.

i hope this is right :)

Before the treatment started, one of the girl came to me and explain the whole process of the treatment and of course, a detailed yet short clear explanation about our hair and the process results after the treatment. I love when a company is very informative on their products, somehow it soothed me and calm me down because i know what i am going through and i found out that this machine works well with dark color hair because it can detect easily and remove it.  She also explains that usually people come in for 5-8 times depending on the hair growth :) and that is within 6 months.

*do correct me if i am wrong*

then.. another girl.. well what should i call this girl? a beautician? 
ok lets call her a beautician because she was the one who gave me the laser treatment :)
she led me to a room and this is the path, towards the treatment room. 

Once i am in the room, as you can see from a few snapshots, it is very clean.

This is the machine that they use for the treatment. Next to it, there are two dustbins and i think by dividing dust bin into two parts (toxic and non toxic) is a very organized :) i love it!

and this is the bed where i have to lay down :)
cosy and clean :)

oh and.. next to the bed, it has a huge mirror :D i love mirror!
and.. when you lay down on the bed, and look up there is a tv! good distraction for people like me :P
it was playing How i met your mother s08 !

opposite from the bed, i saw this brown drawer/table where all the equipment are placed neatly.

and then.. my battery ran out :(
but, dont worry, the treatment process began straight forward.

First, they shaved the hair so since i am doing for underarm, they shaved the hair on that area and apply some cooling gel, and then, let the laser began! hehe oh and, we have to put this super cool glasses so that our eyes arent affected with the rays :) 

The process with this laser, i think, it is depending on you on how you can take it, so like me, i have a poor pain tolerance so i cant really deal with pain ahaha once the beautician did the laser treatment, oh the laser treatment is applied space by space following the area of the machine, so it isnt apply to the whole area being treated instead one by one and how do you know when it is done? well i waited until i cant take it anymore due to the heat and "plucking" feeling and told her to stop and that is when the laser treatment is done. The beautician talked to me through out the whole process and i prefer it that way to get rid my anxiousness haha Once it is done, she will clean up the left over gel and you are set to continue your activity :)

How it feels?
well the cooling gel is cool and thick hehe i like it, as for the laser, it started alright and it feels like when you use a tweezer to pluck your hair out, it is like that, but gradually the laser will release this heat so when you cant stand the heat, tell the beautician to stop :) I honestly feel that the plucking feeling is a good thing because it feels like it lasers the root of the hair!  
and i have a sensitive skin so i did feel a slight burning sensation but i still can stand it though :D *yay to me*  

So communicating is important in this treatment!

A little more note, after this treatment, make sure not to put deodorant on the treated area, take cold shower and this is my personal note, not to touch too much let alone scratch because the skin that is being treated is slightly sensitive and need some time to adjust :) 

alrighty girls, i hope i cover everything!
if you want to know more just contact ZAP

twitter: @zapcoid
fb: zap
bb pin: 26B6ED04

or for more information on contacts

thanks for viewing :)

ps: i know i dont have the before and after picture of my underarms because i am shy to show it but i think by showing it is also not appropriate since everyone has a different speed on hair growth so my hair growth is different from yours :) but if you want a permanent hair removal, laser is the choice :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


are you girlies wondering.. what is this item below??
so..i found this when i was in sephora Singapore :) and.. purchasing this was a rush and sudden and instant buying hahah

why did i buy this without knowing what this is?
well first, i love the packaging.. im a sucker for.. anything vintage!
so as you all can see from the picture below, the packaging is simple, but the design is vintage :) love it, and this round jar is pretty easy to turn and open :) 

well what do you know? that this is a lipbalm!
i love this, i love the scent and at that time i needed one lipbalm :P
i love the color that it is pinky

whats the best part?
after i read the ingredients & usage... it reminded me of Vaseline!
i love vaseline and i live by it, i just cant find it here :(
so this jar is full of usage :) but my main usage is for my lips.

the texture:
well this is a lipbalm or vaseline, so even if it has color in the jar, i dont expect this to have a very strong pigmentation, so color wise it is only 10% but that is alright because, it super moisturize my lips, like if lets say the level of moisturize that is best for your skin 100%, this one is like 110%!

did i tell u how much i love the scent?

- good scent
- good moisturizer
- good packaging

- none because this will be my fave for a long time!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


woot woot for another blush-on review!

hello everyone.. i owned quite a variety of blush-on / blushes and today i will be reviewing one of them, and it is...

*drum rolls*

The Revlon Naturally Glam Blush On!

 Lets see what it says on the palette : *sorry i forgot to capture so i will just write it down*
- Silky long wearing formula
- never has powder blush been so longlasting. never has it been so silky, so refined so naturally glamorous. 

hmmmm shall we see test and see the truth? 

so here is the packaging.. the price was the same as the powder ones, it was around IDR 85k but i prefer this packaging more, it looks very.. classy! so packaging: check and thumbs up!

lets open the palette and tada!
i love the mirror, it is big compare to the powder blush and it comes with the brush which is handy :P

and now onto the swatches... 

so... again, i have to do.. a few swipes more to be able to capture the color and thankfully, the color is visible compare after a few swipes. The texture is soft and slightly velvety hence a better pigmentation of color. As for the scent, i dont recall any scent i can smell haha or maybe it is just my nose :P

so conclusion:
- long lasting : yes because i have been using this for the past 2 years haha and these are one of my fave products, so longlasting: check
- texture: soft and velvety so i guess i can say silky, so silky: check
- pigmentation: good and i think because of a good pigmentation, it leads to a long lasting finish on your skin, again for long lasting: check
- price: for this products, IDR 85K-ish, is still alright although there are more blushes that has a better pigmentation and price

so will i repurchase?
well, nope but i am not saying i hated these, in fact i love them! but i think i can get a better color and quality with a lower price hehe unless i cant find anything else lower n better so i probably will repurchase this again :D

Monday, December 17, 2012


An Inspired tutorial from a James Bond Movie

something fun to do on  a Monday :D

oh i know the movie is a few weeks old :P hehehe