Tuesday, November 27, 2012


When i step my foot into my room, this little blue flowery wrapped box greeted me!
i thought, who's birthday? surely isnt mine because mine falls in May!

wait.. what was that darling? 
you want to know my birthday? hehe 
it is on May 16th! :D *hint hint for pressies! jk*

curious enough, i have my cutter and scissors at ready to open this box!

oooooooo a brown box... interesting :D

when i opened the box, another layer of paper!
Oh tease!

and here are the items inside the box!
Oh Miss Santa! you are too kind!

Here is a card but i wont open it because it is private :P

i got:
- perfect color for a bright and subtle combination :D 

here is the swatch, i love the bright pinkish-reddish- peach, yes those are the colors that i have in mind when i see it, so unique! as for the rosegold, it has a pink + gold shimmer! how cool is that??

next, a liquid foundation! and you know what, i was contemplating between this shade and natural, i got mine in natural and ... i got another one in this shade!

here is the swatch, slightly yellowish but i can work around it :D

2 samples of bb cream
( pink one is Silky Girl and the while one is Precious Mineral )
i am very excited to try both!

here is the swatch, left is the Precious BB cream while the right one is Silky Girl, i havent try them out on my face but i have a feeling the Precious BB Cream will make my skin looks whiter while the Silky girls wont :P but we shall see!

and i got this blush!
you know when i buy blush, i tend to buy them in a few colors but i managed only to get one because of money shortage haha and never did i expected to get it in this color :D

here is the swatch, i apply it lightly because i dont want to ruin it, well i dropped it because i was too excited hahah :P but a soft reddish-pink, perfecto!

and my friends... above is a story of a Christmas Swap that was held by Shasha 
and my partner to have this Christmas swap is Melissa Yurika

Thank you very much Mel! i love the pressies :D hope you love yours too!



Shasha said...

yay~ a new post about christmas swap! <3 <3

Rosdiana said...

Great swap!! Now i wish I can join :( bummer!!!! Love reading all the swap you ladies are doing.

theresia fweegy said...

@Sha: yeappp! before i leave for my holiday :D and before i forgot :D

@Ros: we should do it internationally , that would be awesome :D

Sabrina Tedjokusuma said...

Great! >.< Hihi... Blush onnya kece yaaa~ Hehe...
Ohya aku ada award buat ce Fee~
Mampir ya ce~

theresia fweegy said...

@sabrina: sori br kebaca :P hhehe iyaa aku sbnrnya dr awal mao beli semua wrnanya tp nahan2in diri :P nanti aku mampir ya