Wednesday, November 14, 2012


did i ever tell you that i love SARIAYU, they are wallet friendly, good quality and exotic haha 
i do go to Martha Tilaar shop often to buy their products so i am going to talk about the blush on

before i purchase these two products, i owned just one blush and didnt think i would actually love it but i did and i do !

here is the packaging but i dont really like it as for my personal style but i guess it matched with their theme of: exotic and traditional 

never mind about the packaging.. as long as the product is superb right? so packagin.. back to packaging haha before i ramble on to another topic.. normal with mirror and brush. The price was around.. IDR 45K-50K.. aaha again.. im sorry with my memory of numbers.. we just dont get along.

here are the swatches.. that is with one swipe baby! look how thick it is on my fingers. i love how it has a slight glowy effects so i dont need to apply some highlight on my face *not that i need any, i have the oily face that can give an original glow*

the texture is soft and silky, super pigmentation of color so be careful when you apply it :D it has a scent of.. i dont know how to explain .. like a slight scent of powder hahaha well when it comes to scent, i am the worst! 

- price: worth it!
- color: super pigmentation
- packaging; errr.. im gonna give like 70% of my liking
- texture: soft and silky so i like it because it makes the blush easy to blend
- scent: it is has a very super light scent so it doesnt bother me

will i repurchase:


Vani Sagita said...

Sariayu tuh selalu yaa.. Padahal produk"nya itu pigmented and affordable, tapi packagingnya suka bikin doowwwnn.. hahahaha.. Tapi yg tren warna 2012 keren" deh ye bookk, bikin pengen semuanyaaa.. hihihii..

theresia fweegy said...

iyaaa, the packagingnyaaa hahahaha tp quality bgs seh :) cuma ya.. pilihan warna jg kurang seh..

Aldila Kun Condroweni said...

Kak itu shadenya apa aja ya? Makasih.. :)