Friday, November 9, 2012


hmmmm there were times when i doubt of writing this post..but there were times when i felt that i must write this post because these are again one of my favorite lip products.. i know that youtube beauty gurus were obsessed with them as so am i.. so i decided to write just a short post about them.

they are:


you see i have a dry and chapped lips where i peel the skin most of the time and it bleeds sometimes so finding a lip products that has a good moisturizer level and color pigmentation is kinda hard but my worries are no longer there since i found these babies!

here is some snapshot of my collection *no i am not bragging, if you think i am showing off, kindly leave this blog* i do buy them in different colors because i love them and i thought it will be good also to write a review and show swatches for you guys if you want to consider buying them :)

the price: IDR 75k *this for sure i know*

so i owned colors in dark tone and light tone because i thought i can use them for formal events or just casual :) i love preparing everything so that when i have a sudden event, it became handy

here is how and what it looks like without the cap

and here are the swatches.

so.. i am going to write down why i love them and their flaws..

- moisturizer my chapped lis
- excellent pigmentation for a lipbalm and super moisturizer
- bank account friendly especially for the quality i am getting
- small and handy
- tight cap so it is safe to be put inside your bag
- the scent is not strong at all
- these products give flexibility if you want it light, or bold by layering it up or just apply a layer :)

- the packaging itself is rather hard for me to open because we have to hold the bottom tiny part *in black color* and pull the cap

so hope i cover all and til next time!

dont forget to read the disclaimer :)


Shasha said...

wow lengkap banget warna-warnanya hehehe
aku cuman baru punya 1 aja :p

SEKAR O(≧∇≦)O said...

That is a lot of lipstick!!

theresia fweegy said...

hahaha well ga lengkap banget sihh aku g beli yg warna2 coklat or pale :P sebagian jg d ksh krn ultah :P tp ini bagus!

Fely Funakoshi said...

wow!!!! Koleksinya lengkap!!! Sumpah, bok, Blog lo racunnnn!!!!

theresia fweegy said...

@fely: ga lengkapp kokk, yg coklat blm ada hahaha racunnya enakkk ahahaahahaha