Friday, November 2, 2012


again, i am trying another new bb cream. First, yes i know this isnt the proper bb cream but this is a sample that i buy from: K-POP BEAUTYSHOP

I have been wanting to buy this bb cream but there is a part of me where i stopped myself from buying because i dont want to buy a product in a large amount of money but it wont work so i am very happy when i found this i was ecstatic!

so the sample packaging itself is super cute! i am a sucker for cute and vintage packaging :)

here is the swatch, i pour too much :'( 

and this is how it looks like onto my skin

so conclusion and thoughts,
first, dont pour alot of bb cream onto your face because it will look cakey and made up :P that is what happened today.
the texture of this bb cream is actually lightweight and i always love any cream or foundation that is lightweight.
the scent? it has this soft and gentle scent that i have no problem with that :)
so far this is good for me * if only i didnt pour too much onto my face :'( *
the color pigmentation onto my skin is slightly lighter than my skin so i had to put a darker color of powder but that is no matter :)
long lasting? i am not sure but it last for 2 hours which is good for me *this is because i attend a makeup class which i didnt know at first it was a makeup class, silly me :) * but i am not a stranger when it comes to oily skin, always prepare a powder and blotting paper in my bag :P

will i repurchase? 
yes i will buy the whole bottle itself :)


Hana said...

ci, bagusan mana ini sama lioele? hehehe

theresia fweegy said...

aku sih pilih lioeli hahaha