Saturday, November 3, 2012


i think i am obsessed with local brands, i mean who knew they are so good! so i am trying a new brand, this is my second local brand that i owned.

i love the name of this brand: PIXY, somehow reminded me of my high-school time, a friend of mine used to call me Pixy, i have no friggin clue why would he call me that? better not be something bad haha but anyway.... 

i love the packaging, pink! well not all pink but yes around that tone.. pink- earthy brown color :) 
i love anything warm and girl tone, so i bought them when hypermart was having a promo, so you know, why not? ive got nothing to lose.

I think the packaging is simple, normal, i am alright with it, i am not fussy with packaging anyway.
left-right: powder -refill (white porcelain), blush on (passion rose), lipstick (puppy love)

so here is my face with the powder, a little story behind this, i apply Sariayu foundation and it is rather dark onto my skin, but by applying this powder, it actually balance it out! so i think the powder itself has a good pigmentation, strong coverage and lightweight!

so here is my whole look for today :) just simple because i am going to my dad's office only, not anywhere else :P i love how the powder made my skin look flawless!

the lipstick, it has moisturizer, i love the pinky color :) it looks very fresh on me * i think my mom told me that this brand is for teenagers but i think it works for everyone* it has a good pigmentation so this color in the picture *again silly camera doesnt do any good on the color* is taken with only one swipe :) isnt that ah-mah-zing!?

again, it applies the same to the blush on, it has a strong pigmentation and with only one swipe of the blush, the color appear on my cheek! i dont think it has any scent? well i dont really like smelling stuff ahaha so i am very ignorant when it comes to scent :P the texture is soft and velvety

my conclusion:

- Soft texture
- easy to blend and glide
- suits well onto my skin tone

- dont think i have any?

will i repurchased?
- powder yes! 
- blush on yes
- lipstick yes but i try not to buy since i owned so many lip products haha

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