Thursday, November 15, 2012



there i said it but i barely wear them because of my dry and chapped lips haha

how are you darling! *smooches* 
hows your day?

today's review is about... NYX MATTE LIPSTICK!
the price: IDR 90k ish.. i need to write down the price next time so i can be precise.

here is the packaging, NYX is one of my favorite brand and we all know it is quite low cost in the states but prices surely increase so high when they are being imported here :P so i decided to get 3 colors only.. they are.. Angel, Pale Pink and Tea Rose.

The packaging... they are more to the cute yet not girly cute more like a mature cute and honestly i am not a big fan of the packaging ...

but i love how it is semi transparent to show the color for me to pick easily 

Here are the swatches.. they are matte and i love NYX pigmentation especially for the price I pay... like they are literally super pigmented times ten! even with the round lipstick.
The scent, it is alright :P

i seriously think that if you want to splurge but in a tight budget, go for NYX!

okay back to the swatches, it is done with one swipe but look at the vibrant and gorgeous color!
even it is matte, it has slight moisturizer that my lips need :)

the downside is.. in Indonesia, not all colors are available so i gotta say.. the choices of colors is very little :(

will i repurchase?
yes but if only they have more colors to choose from :)



sheilla said...

di swatch yg paling bawah warna apa say? cakep banget..

Nila Kussriani said...

pingin liat swatch dibibir :O

oh ya, aku lagi ngadain blog sale nih, diliat liat ya ^^

theresia fweegy said...

@sheilla: itu kykna angel :)
@nila: pgn say tp bibirku pecah2 parah hahaa jd g bisa.. :(