Sunday, November 11, 2012


Bonjour !
how many of you have seen this items below?
i have seen it ages ago and only recently they made their way into Indonesia.
happy? Oh boy i was ecstatic! 

Let me start with the price, it costs RP 70.000 (well it is 69.900) :P i have a tendency of rounding things up :D hey it makes me happy when i bring extra money and knowing i have the change to buy more items hahaha so not wise of me :P

anyhoo, lets start!
honestly, for a drugstore brand, i love the packaging, i have observed and concluded that this collection here has three different colors of lid and they are: pink, red and brown.
I believe each of this colors stand for the color of undertone in these collection. Like let's say, pink, it will have all the pinkish undertone  and somehow i spotted a cool undertone (my faves), while brown, it will have this neutral and brown undertone and red, it will have a warm undertone like red to coral :)
but correct me if i am wrong girls :) 

As for the scent, i am not a big fan because you all know that i dont really like scents that are sweet like dessert, cake or anything "food"-ish scent i prefer not to come close to it and these has that scent.
If i have to describe it, it smells like vanilla mixes with bubble gum?

When it comes to the packaging, the only thing that i dont like is the holder at the bottom where we have to hold on tight to lift up the lid, that area is too small for me to hold. Maybe it is just me but that is not in my liking. Other mechanism is fine :)

I manage to purchase these 5 items because you know, i am saving up for my camera :P
i have 3 lipstick color in the pink-ish shades, 1 in coral and 1 in plum.

Here is the swatch and... i feel..

- they are moisturizing, thats what my chapped lips need all the time
- if you are a major fan of pink color lipstick like me, these range will be heaven for you :) so color range is wise compare to the previous collection
- pigmentation for me is alright, not high but you can layer it up which is not a big problem for me, in fact i prefer products like this sometimes

so conclusion:

+ pigmentation, i know i said it isnt great but i do like the pigmentation that allows me to layer it up
+ moisturizing which is good for chapped lips
+ the whole product design, for a drugstore, it looks classy
+ color range thats is wide and more choices for me to choose

- the bottom handle that is too tiny for me to hold
- the scent that is sweet

and dont forget to read the disclaimer below!


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nella novia said...

I'm a fan of pink lipstick too_^. hummp... the packaging remind me to revlon lip butter