Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Before we begin, please read the picture above first :)

have you read it?  :D

Bonjour love.

Today i will do a short review on Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush.  
The picture below is the packaging itself,  i love packaging with transparent lid where i can see the color easily  BUT i hate the color for the bottom part of the jar, it makes this blush looks cheap * no offense* There are four colors i think but i only get 2. The scent can be hardly smell so thats a good thing!

As for texture, it is soft and velvety and whenever a product that is velvety like thick powder-ish mix with mousse-y feeling, it will give a great pigmentation *well at least that is from my observation* so with the strong and superb pigmentation as you all can see from the picture below * that is taken with one single swipe* it blends in well and glide easily on your cheek. With this super pigmentation, you only need to dab very light to get the color and brush it off onto you cheeks lightly.

- good pigmentation, soft and blend-able texture
- handy
- price isnt that expensive i think it was around IDR 45k

on the downside.. i just dont like the packaging or the jar


Shasha said...

wah aku juga punya blush ini ^^
warnanya memang bagus2 :)

theresia fweegy said...

yup tp sayang disini hanya ada 4 warna doank :( well yg aku ktmuin sih 4 warna aja ;p