Friday, November 23, 2012


 if i have to pick a high-end lipgloss, this is my choice, my favorite and my baby!
i think i do love Lancome haha 

The lipgloss jar design is unique compare to other lipgloss i have from the drugstore but of course, you got what you pay :P aside from the jar, i love the "glass" material that gives this product a touch of elegance.

and i love the tip of the wand, i wont call it a brush because it isnt a brush but it is a sponge?
but i prefer the tip or the applicator like this because it is easier to apply and neat.
As for the price, it was around idr 250k - idr 300K i think... 

this is the swatch, very pigmented, silky and velvety, and it has this plumpy effect of the lips which i dont really need but i can live with that :) the reason i love this product is.. if you apply lightly, it ends up like a lip cream and rather matte but if you layer it up it is more like a lipgloss with a bold and vibrant color on your lips. It moisturizes too!
You actually can use just one swipe and the color is visible :)

will i repurchase this?
yes i will!

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