Wednesday, November 7, 2012


aloha sweety pie!

have you ever heard of the brand named Inglot? well i heard the brand and the good review on youtube and when i was away for a short holiday i found this brand and i went straight inside to buy but then again, when i buy items, i buy items that i use on a daily basis which are lipstick and blush, as for foundation or powder i am very picky and usually i will do a deep research on them :)

before the review starts:

alright now you have read the warning haha lets get on with it!

here is the packaging, palette or jar or however you want to call them :) 
okay so.. the palette/jar.. i dont like them!
for the lipgloss it is placed in a jar.. a small tiny jar where even my little finger cant get in.. :( but the good thing about it is, it is made from glass so it looks slightly fancy :D it doesnt come with a lipgloss applicator and yes did i say to get the items you have to dip your fingers in? it is unhygienic for me,  whilst the blush, the packaging is very plain, i had a similar packaging from a not-so-well-known brand and it cost like IDR 75 -ish. The blush jar is made from plastic, well it isnt glass like the lipgloss and it is lighter and seeing how posh the counter is for Inglot, I purchase these two items for around IDR 250 each.

here are the swatches, for the blush, color pigmentation is medium because i have blush that has a better and greater pigmentation although with this one you can always layer it up but it is annoying for me :P and the texture is.. slightly hard and rough for a blush and like 30% velvety and i think this is the reason why i say it has medium pigmentation but it doesnt matter since to apply this i need a blush brush. Although the texture also isnt velvety enough but it blends in well onto your skin though.

as for the lipgloss, i love the color pigmentation, the color is visible and it moisturizes my lips too! with this product,you only need a tiny bit because with a small amount of lipgloss, it goes a long wayyyyyy :D

one good thing about Inglot is, it has a lot of colors choices, trust  me! i spend hours in Inglot just to decided which color to buy and it isn't satisfying because i was broke! 
the lipgloss has this tiny fruity scent and it is alright for me :) while the blush it doesn't really have any scent when you apply it onto your cheeks but if you smell it close enough it has tiny scent of ... the typical and normal blush :P 
i am so bad with describing scent but thats the best i can describe :)

blush: i wont purchase the blush because i felt that it isnt that great in terms of palette, texture and pigmentation and of course price
liploss: yes i would repurchase this even it is somehow unhygienic but i still can use a lip brush to apply :) i love the color pigmentation and it moisturizes my lips

- slightly pricey in my own opinion
- blush: not so velvety = medium coverage and the plastic-y packaging
- lipgloss = unhygienic 
+ lipgloss= pigmented!



Hana said...

wowww beli di mana ini ci.. very lucky u can lay ur hands on inglot! hehehe

Tia said...

wah, ini beli dimana fweegy?

aku ngidam inglot tapi males PO ._.

theresia fweegy said...

@hana & tia : ini aku beli pas di malay earlier this year :)
love the place! banyak banget warnanya yg bisa di pilih hahaha

Yessy Muliawan said...

ak juga waktu itu liatnya di malay :3 ga beli tapinya, abs pricey ._.

theresia fweegy said...

@ yessy: RM 50 kan ya? rata2 semuanya sgt or higher hehe maka itu manage beli 2 ini doank :(