Monday, November 26, 2012


i was hesitating whether to write a review for these products or not because, these aren't makeup but i know deep down, i am falling in love deeper and deeper with these :P
so here it is.. a short review and why i love them!

The Body Shop released a new packaging of body mist, and first you have to know i am not a big fan of perfume or sprays, yes i was that ignorant as a woman before, but now i am learning to take care of my skin and body and of course learning to smell nicer haha :P so there were one day where i was searching for the perfect body mist for me to use after the gym and i found this..

this was my very first body mist i have ever owned, i fall i love with it because of the scent.

then one day as i walked around the mall.... passed Body Shop and went inside JUST to LOOK at their new design of their shop then i came across 4 different scent of body mist in a new and better jar. I went there JUST TO SEE AND SMELL... but.. BUT... they scent..omg! to die for!
They have... Vanilla, Strawberry, Shea and Moringa and as you all now know i dont like all those fruity, cake, sweet scent for perfume or anything onto my body, in fact i prefer more like... floral scent.

so i smell the Moringa, i fell in love with it and of course i purchase it.. the price was.. IDR 99K (PROMO UNTIL AROUND 20-ISH OCTOBER 2012) and their original price was around IDR 119 :P which i think is a good bargain.

Then of course i tested Moringa out and it turned out, the scent has a longer "scent expectancy" on my skin that last for a whole good 1-3 hours. I also love the jar because it is made of glass and it is giving that touch of classy and expensive look :P

Then i went out and purchase SHEA and again, it lasted so long on me! i mean keep in mind that this is.. BODY MIST NOT PERFUME

Usually a body mist doesnt last that long compare to perfume but for a body mist, these products has my support :p if only i like fruity and cake-y kinda smell, i would have purchased Vanilla and Strawberry too!

so here are some snapshots of the products for you to see :)

so will i repurchase?
yes i will! even with their original price i think it is still worth it :P

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