Thursday, November 8, 2012


hello gorgeous!

you see, another category of makeup that i love buying apart from lip products is blush!
i have this blush since i was in university and i love them, actually i love Bobbi Brown as a brand, since i like all things natural and although Bobbi Brown has a pretty bold color for certain products, the color is soft and gentle when they are applied onto your skin :) 

so here i owned three of them in different colors, yes they may look similar but... i buy items that work on me :P

i love the packaging well i love packaging with transparent lid where i can see the color because it eases the process of color choosing on my daily basis. i also think the style and design of Bobbi Brown is simple natural and classy, i must say this palette is strong and has a good durability :)

the blush has a soft texture and easy to blend, i dont think it has any scent though. i forgot the name for each of this :P but... i LOVE every single color i have.. pink, glittery pink and slightly mauve :) 

here are the swatches.. the color in the middle has some glitter and shimmer and you know i am not a big fan of glitter but when you apply it onto your face it gives this luminating and glow finish . i know the swatches arent visible onto my finger because it has a different skin tone as my face but the colors are there. Soft and neutral :) it looks even better on my face because the colors are visible, for a darker skin tone.. i am not sure about these colors but maybe if you go to Bobbi Brown you will find colors that are perfect for you

will i repurchase?
yes i will once these colors are finished! 

if you are the type of girl who loves everything soft, neutral and gentle or maybe has a calm personality, this is right for you! a touch of colors on your cheeks for a daily basis :)
i love the colors from Bobbi Brown so of course these blush has my thumbs up and my liking. i also love the texture but more to the colors :) 

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