Monday, November 12, 2012


when i write reviews, they are basically from my own experience and thoughts so if i dont like it, i will say it and if i like it i will say the reason too... i am here not trying to bash the brand because products work differently on everyone, to me it wont work but to others will work so everyone is entitle to their own opinion and choices, there is nothing wrong or right about it :D

with that.. i want to write a review on this brand..

I LOVE THEIR STYLE AND DESIGN! VINTAGE AND FUN! like Marilyn Monroe style.. vintage, sexy and flirty!

the packaging, is alright kinda cute and simple but never mind about that haha

i love the name they give for their products! very sexy and flirty.. i bought them from an online shop..because.. i thought the name was cute and i wanted to try new things haha 

here is the picture of their name :P cute right?!

i pick orange and pink color to test them out..

here are the swatches..

the conclusion:
they are not in my favorite category, they are slightly moisturizing but i think.. the color pigmentation is alright but it isnt great compare to other brand.. it leaves off this shiny finishing which i am not a big fan of :( i dont really like the formula.. somehow i feel that it is sticky and hard to apply onto my lips.. it has this slightly minty sensation after  you apply it and i dont like mint let alone any minty feeling.. i hate the smell because it is somehow sweet and dessert-y.. but if you like those smell the smell wont budge you. i prefer scent like floral ahaha
so overall, these arent working for in the sense of feeling, scent and texture as the color pigmentation they are 80% good :) 

The price, again forgive me... it is kinda price-y in my opinion, it was around RP 150.000 and probably above * i remember using a voucher and i have to spend 150.000 above* but i dont know maybe you can find these products in a lower price :D

will i repurchase?
nope i wont :(


Rosdiana said...

I have never try their lipstick but i love their eye shadows!

theresia fweegy said...

i love their design haha ga nyambung :P

Medina Sumendap said...

Where did you get The Balm?