Monday, November 19, 2012


To all the girls out there, here is a question that i have in mind for you
do you like going to SPA, Facial? make over , salon? anything beauty girly self pamper?
i do! 

i always go to SPA once a month, facial twice a month, hair spa twice a month, manicure & pedicure once a month but i know it is very pricey so i found a way how to do one of these self pamper procedure at home :) and so far it works :)

one of my favorite self pampered i love doing at home is facial. Different places have different process of facial, i prefer the ones where they extract your pimples out but my mom told me that it isnt good so i tried not to go to facial that often, but at the same time i realised that.. if i dont go to facial, my skin became very rough and dull.

so i have my own process of doing facial at home without the extraction :)

what you need:
l-r: facial scrub, cleansing milk, facial foam, facial mask, toner
(choose the ones that works well on your skin, since i have a very oily face, i have to go for a clay mask)

two towel : bigger size and small

a bowl, mask brush, cotton pad, sponge

first, tied up your hair so it is neat :)

fill in the bowl with water 

You need to clean your face by using a cleansing milk, it will help to lift up the dirt and eveything :) apply it all over your face and while cleansing it with your fingers, massage it slightly.

take a cotton pad, and wipe away the cleansing milk

use the sponge that has been soaked in water, squeeze it, and clean your face :)

lets begin to scrub! put a few dots all over your face, use your fingers and gently massage your whole face :) keep on massaging until the scrub became very thick and hard to blend.

take the sponge again, dont forget to pour a clean water again into the bowl.
 clean the scrub from your face :) 
by using a sponge it will also help to lift up the dead skin cells.

take the small towel, soaked it in a warm-hot water, squeeze the water out and put it on your face :)
do this 2-3 times 

once your face is clean, you can touch and feel the skin is smoother :D 
next, take your facial mask, and apply it equally all over your face by using a mask brush

wait for 15 minutes then use the sponge again and clean the mask off from your face :)
dont forget to change the water every time you use it :)

use the facial foam to make sure everything is off and you have a clean face.

then use a cotton pad, pour some toner and apply it all over your face

take your favorite moisturizer and apply it :)

and you are done!

hope you all enjoy this and i hope the result is almost the same as mine :)
i do this twice a month and this helps to save up my money 



SEKAR O(≧∇≦)O said...

Me too... I love to do facial routine at home..

My routine is facial wash, peeling gel, toner, facial mask (diy or store bought), and sometimes pore pack and pore massage too. After that continue with regular skin care. If have more time I usually wash my hair first, use hair mask and the do the facial routine. That way I can wash it all off while bathing.

Stevanie Quinn said...

thanks for facial routine tutorial..i'll try it..
followback me: ^^

ardiana aditya said...

aku juga suka maskeran di rumah. hair mask juga dirumah. lebih hemat :p

theresia fweegy said...

@all: iya betul, lebih hemat :)
@sekar: km tau ga beli clay mask dmn? :D