Tuesday, November 27, 2012


When i step my foot into my room, this little blue flowery wrapped box greeted me!
i thought, who's birthday? surely isnt mine because mine falls in May!

wait.. what was that darling? 
you want to know my birthday? hehe 
it is on May 16th! :D *hint hint for pressies! jk*

curious enough, i have my cutter and scissors at ready to open this box!

oooooooo a brown box... interesting :D

when i opened the box, another layer of paper!
Oh tease!

and here are the items inside the box!
Oh Miss Santa! you are too kind!

Here is a card but i wont open it because it is private :P

i got:
- perfect color for a bright and subtle combination :D 

here is the swatch, i love the bright pinkish-reddish- peach, yes those are the colors that i have in mind when i see it, so unique! as for the rosegold, it has a pink + gold shimmer! how cool is that??

next, a liquid foundation! and you know what, i was contemplating between this shade and natural, i got mine in natural and ... i got another one in this shade!

here is the swatch, slightly yellowish but i can work around it :D

2 samples of bb cream
( pink one is Silky Girl and the while one is Precious Mineral )
i am very excited to try both!

here is the swatch, left is the Precious BB cream while the right one is Silky Girl, i havent try them out on my face but i have a feeling the Precious BB Cream will make my skin looks whiter while the Silky girls wont :P but we shall see!

and i got this blush!
you know when i buy blush, i tend to buy them in a few colors but i managed only to get one because of money shortage haha and never did i expected to get it in this color :D

here is the swatch, i apply it lightly because i dont want to ruin it, well i dropped it because i was too excited hahah :P but a soft reddish-pink, perfecto!

and my friends... above is a story of a Christmas Swap that was held by Shasha 
and my partner to have this Christmas swap is Melissa Yurika

Thank you very much Mel! i love the pressies :D hope you love yours too!


Monday, November 26, 2012


i was hesitating whether to write a review for these products or not because, these aren't makeup but i know deep down, i am falling in love deeper and deeper with these :P
so here it is.. a short review and why i love them!

The Body Shop released a new packaging of body mist, and first you have to know i am not a big fan of perfume or sprays, yes i was that ignorant as a woman before, but now i am learning to take care of my skin and body and of course learning to smell nicer haha :P so there were one day where i was searching for the perfect body mist for me to use after the gym and i found this..

this was my very first body mist i have ever owned, i fall i love with it because of the scent.

then one day as i walked around the mall.... passed Body Shop and went inside JUST to LOOK at their new design of their shop then i came across 4 different scent of body mist in a new and better jar. I went there JUST TO SEE AND SMELL... but.. BUT... they scent..omg! to die for!
They have... Vanilla, Strawberry, Shea and Moringa and as you all now know i dont like all those fruity, cake, sweet scent for perfume or anything onto my body, in fact i prefer more like... floral scent.

so i smell the Moringa, i fell in love with it and of course i purchase it.. the price was.. IDR 99K (PROMO UNTIL AROUND 20-ISH OCTOBER 2012) and their original price was around IDR 119 :P which i think is a good bargain.

Then of course i tested Moringa out and it turned out, the scent has a longer "scent expectancy" on my skin that last for a whole good 1-3 hours. I also love the jar because it is made of glass and it is giving that touch of classy and expensive look :P

Then i went out and purchase SHEA and again, it lasted so long on me! i mean keep in mind that this is.. BODY MIST NOT PERFUME

Usually a body mist doesnt last that long compare to perfume but for a body mist, these products has my support :p if only i like fruity and cake-y kinda smell, i would have purchased Vanilla and Strawberry too!

so here are some snapshots of the products for you to see :)

so will i repurchase?
yes i will! even with their original price i think it is still worth it :P

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Another Award? 

Special thanks to:

An award for being a dearest? awww thats so sweet :)
anyway, as usual when it comes to an award there are several rules:

1. When you receive the award, thank the person who gave it to you and post the link to his/her blog in your blog post.
2. Post 11 things about yourself
3. Answer the eleven questions from the person who tagged you
4. Choose 11 inspiring bloggers whose blog has less than 200 followers, and link their pages in your post
                                                   5. Create 11 questions for them to answer
6. Post your post link to comment box below 

(for 11 inspiring bloggers that I tagged)


                                             Post 11 things about yourself:

- I Love Horror Movie
- I dont eat seafood apart from fish
- I am super terrify to butterfly
-I am a messy person (messy makes me comfortable, weird much? ;P)
- I am horrible in learning languages unless i love it with passion.
-I love all things fine and expensive :P
- I hate dolls/soft toys
- I love sweet surprises (not the one that you got drench in water or being shower in flour :s)
- I love talking by myself (sometimes it helps me to find an answer)
- I make friends with literally everyone :D
- I hate backstabber, hypocrite, materialistic-minded, jealous-ers and liars and i prefer to not be near them :) 

1.  Please introduce yourself  :)
- helo i am Feegy (Fweegy is just for fun :p, 25 years old but sometimes i still act like a child haha, i love beauty, fashion & art, i love all things girly but not too much :P

2. How many languages you can speak? please mention it one by one.
- only English, Indonesian and a little bit of French

3.  Tell me your most unforgettable moment!
- cant really mention one because all of them are special hehe

4. What is your dream job?
- alot, one of it was to be able to work in a magazine company but noone would hire me hahah or i want to own a fashion boutique, or a cafe but lastly i think i am working in my dream job, being able to be my own boss!

5. Which one do you prefer, fashion or beauty? please tell me the reason :)
- fashion actually although i have been loving beauty for a very long time. That is because with fashion, it enhances your natural beauty and body shape from top to bottom while makeup is just on the face :) but i still love makeup 

6. One beauty product that you can live without (it can be makeup or skincare)
- toner :D

7. Which country you would like to live?why you want to live in there?
- Anywhere in Europe haha hmm because, i dont know i guess the weather, the people, the rules, the government and i think the shopping? :P i dont know

8. Tell me the meaning of your blog's name!
- dont really have one but i created it to avoid using my real names :P hmm lets see do i have any meaning probably muse = a person who is beautiful, wonderland = fantasy.. ??? 

9. What are your hobbies?
- shopping :P designs... what else.. yeah those two :P

10. What you fear the most? why?
- i fear a lot because deep down i get scared easily

11.  What do you hope for yourself for the next 5 years?
- to be able to have my own company and go international :D

 the eleven bloggers are:

1. if you could turn back the time, would you change anything? why?
2. tell me one makeup or skin care item that you cant live without and why?
3. what's your must have items for summer and rainy season ? why?
4. what's your favorite color?
5. do you sleep with lights on or off? 
6. tell me three of your imperfections
7. tell me three of your perfections
8. whats your pet-peeves (things that annoy you so much)?
9. tell me a product (skincare/makeup) that you regret buying.
10.  when you were a kid, what was your dream job?
11. inner beauty or outer beauty and why?

dont forget to post your link on the comment box so that i can read your post ;)

Friday, November 23, 2012


 if i have to pick a high-end lipgloss, this is my choice, my favorite and my baby!
i think i do love Lancome haha 

The lipgloss jar design is unique compare to other lipgloss i have from the drugstore but of course, you got what you pay :P aside from the jar, i love the "glass" material that gives this product a touch of elegance.

and i love the tip of the wand, i wont call it a brush because it isnt a brush but it is a sponge?
but i prefer the tip or the applicator like this because it is easier to apply and neat.
As for the price, it was around idr 250k - idr 300K i think... 

this is the swatch, very pigmented, silky and velvety, and it has this plumpy effect of the lips which i dont really need but i can live with that :) the reason i love this product is.. if you apply lightly, it ends up like a lip cream and rather matte but if you layer it up it is more like a lipgloss with a bold and vibrant color on your lips. It moisturizes too!
You actually can use just one swipe and the color is visible :)

will i repurchase this?
yes i will!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


wassup beauties!

so who here knows Lana Del Rey?
i am not familiar with her or her music but... now i do!
one of my fave song from her album is National Anthem 

i love her looks, very 60s vintage and you know i love anything vintage :P
i think this look will work on a daily basis, well minus the fake eyelash for me though :)
i barely go for this look but now i think i will !

alright love, so if you wanna know how to get this look... come and click:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hola ladies!

another bb cream sample, again i think it is wiser to spend a little bit of money on samples *although we should be getting samples for free but it is okay :)* rather than buying the whole bottle yet it might not work well on you :P

so this is another sample that i got from K-POP BEAUTYSHOP

i think if the real item is like this, i would love it, i love anything comes in a tube like this, handy and practical for me. It has spf25 which is good for me :)

this is the swatch, the color is beige almost to skin light and from what i have observed, usually skin like tones of bb cream will create a lighter and whiter shade on my skin which make me have to use a darker tone of color powder to settle my face.

the texture is.. medium weight, somehow airy and slightly powdery for a bb cream when you blend it and what i love about this is it gets dry as soon as it is blend onto the skin and leaves your skin matte due to its "powdery" texture. It has this soft and girly scent * am so bad describing scent*

again, i love the final result straight after applying it but lets see how long it last on my skin :)

this is taken after 3 hrs :P
oily skin! i dont really mind the oil on my cheek/bone because it made my face that i applied some high-lighter but i hate it on my nose :(
but this is how bb cream is on my face :) 

i got oily within 3 hours, enough said :P
medium coverage with a powdery texture once apply to the face * i love*
but sadly, it is not a good oil control bb cream
i love the scent

will i repurchase?
nope because i want to find other bb cream that can make my skin matte.

Monday, November 19, 2012


To all the girls out there, here is a question that i have in mind for you
do you like going to SPA, Facial? make over , salon? anything beauty girly self pamper?
i do! 

i always go to SPA once a month, facial twice a month, hair spa twice a month, manicure & pedicure once a month but i know it is very pricey so i found a way how to do one of these self pamper procedure at home :) and so far it works :)

one of my favorite self pampered i love doing at home is facial. Different places have different process of facial, i prefer the ones where they extract your pimples out but my mom told me that it isnt good so i tried not to go to facial that often, but at the same time i realised that.. if i dont go to facial, my skin became very rough and dull.

so i have my own process of doing facial at home without the extraction :)

what you need:
l-r: facial scrub, cleansing milk, facial foam, facial mask, toner
(choose the ones that works well on your skin, since i have a very oily face, i have to go for a clay mask)

two towel : bigger size and small

a bowl, mask brush, cotton pad, sponge

first, tied up your hair so it is neat :)

fill in the bowl with water 

You need to clean your face by using a cleansing milk, it will help to lift up the dirt and eveything :) apply it all over your face and while cleansing it with your fingers, massage it slightly.

take a cotton pad, and wipe away the cleansing milk

use the sponge that has been soaked in water, squeeze it, and clean your face :)

lets begin to scrub! put a few dots all over your face, use your fingers and gently massage your whole face :) keep on massaging until the scrub became very thick and hard to blend.

take the sponge again, dont forget to pour a clean water again into the bowl.
 clean the scrub from your face :) 
by using a sponge it will also help to lift up the dead skin cells.

take the small towel, soaked it in a warm-hot water, squeeze the water out and put it on your face :)
do this 2-3 times 

once your face is clean, you can touch and feel the skin is smoother :D 
next, take your facial mask, and apply it equally all over your face by using a mask brush

wait for 15 minutes then use the sponge again and clean the mask off from your face :)
dont forget to change the water every time you use it :)

use the facial foam to make sure everything is off and you have a clean face.

then use a cotton pad, pour some toner and apply it all over your face

take your favorite moisturizer and apply it :)

and you are done!

hope you all enjoy this and i hope the result is almost the same as mine :)
i do this twice a month and this helps to save up my money