Friday, October 26, 2012


hola hola!

*hawaian dance*

wish i could go to hawaii... sigh*

alrighty then lovers!
did i tell you about my stupidity of using my sister's camera but i dont have the cable for it haha so.. no video tutorial.. :'( sowwie...

but no worries, this look is very easy to get :) as you all know i am all about simplicity
anddddd.... i will write down here right now all the things you need.. but before that, i got my inspiration from bubzbeauty :) check her youtube out!

so this is for you girls.. or guys who prefer to look "pretty" and neat on halloween *sadly for me, i wont be doing anything :p*

what you need:
1. foundation & powder in white color (dolls are known for their flawless skin)
2. concealer (just to cover blemishes and spots so if your face is clean you dont need this)
3. eyebrow pencil
4. eyeshadow in brown neutral color for your crease
5. white eyeshadow
6. pink blush on
7. pink lipstick
8. fake eyelashes (optional)
9. liquid eyeliner
10. white eyeliner
11. mascara

how to get this look?
1. as usual, apply the foundation & powder all over your face and blend it well :)
2. shape and fill in your eyebrow
3. apply the white eyeshadow onto your eyelids and apply the brown color to create that crease and of course, blend it well!
4. apply your white eyeliner on the bottom waterline
5. apply the black liquid eyeliner on top of the lash line
6. apply the mascara
7. apply the false lashes
8. apply the blush on onto the apples of your cheeks
9. apply the pink lipstick
10. take the liquid eyeliner, create all the cracks onto your face :D

tada you are done!
as for the hair, you can create it into doll styles, i didnt because i am far from good with hair styles and for the clothes, you can wear something dolly look with laces, pastelly colors, collars, skirts, big bows etc :)

ps: i know this is far from perfect as halloween or theatrical makeup isnt my forte 

so hope you enjoy your halloween!


Rindodo ♥ said...

I love how you make all the crack~! it does look like a broken doll <3 thanks for sharing

Erna Wijaya said...

Wogh >"< Bagusss deh bener* kayak broken doll ^^

theresia fweegy said...

@Rin & Erna: you are very welcome dear :) although i think if i added more effort and details onto the crack, it will look even more "broken" hehee

Fely Funakoshi said...