Saturday, October 6, 2012


ok so another thing you need to know about me, i am not a big fan of perfume either haha
 i only have like 3 perfumes at home but this is my favorite perfume like i literally smell this in a magazine and i searched through the mall until i found it at the airport when i was traveling!

so this is the legendary YSL PARISIENNE PERFUME
this is like the small bottle i forgot the volume though... 

the packaging
- i think it is cute because of the shape and the color combination is somehow giving me this vibe of girly, playful and rich 
i love the gold cap with the gold writing in the middle against the black material as the brand on the perfume bottle. as for its body i love it how it is somehow similar to a diamond with angles and dimension. Of course it is in the color of transparent soft pinkish-purple

so when it comes to the scent it reminds me of lychee (the fruit) i dont know why, but i love lychee because of its sweet taste and probably because of this scent, it creates a girly vibe. It is also has a mixture of floral scent but i am sorry that i cant differentiation which flower it comes from as i dont have a huge knowledge of flowers :P but yes Lychee + Flowers giving that sweet, playful, gentle and romantic atmosphere. i actually imaging myself walking on the street in Paris *although i never set my foot there but one day i will*

so if you are going out to the mall and get a glimpse of this perfume, stop and go and spray it to yourself! if you are the type of person who is girly and romantic , you will love this perfume *i hope*

til next time

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