Friday, October 5, 2012


here is a fact that you guys didnt know about me!

- i bought this with my own money
- i am not being sponsored
- i am fine and found it comfortable to use this product
- this products works well on my but do a deep research first before purchasing, i will not be responsible for anything :P 

i am not a big fan of nail polish so i dont have like 10 containers filled with them :P but i do have my faves for certain color tone and i am gonna start with this one!

a red color tone
my choices are: REVLON (Vixen & Raisin Rage) ESSIE (Really Red)

so these nail polish are the ones that i go back to all the time! i always think and found red color is sexy, classy and bold of course, it suits everyone :)  

Here are some close up look at the color :)

Essie nail polish is very easy to apply, the solution doesnt get sticky easily but you do need two coats to give that perfect shiny finishing :) It is also long lasting, i have had this nail polish since a few years ago but it seems like i just bought it yesterday :) *thumbs up to you ESSIE*

so all of you know i am a big fan of REVLON and i have two colors of nail polish from them :)
i usually go for a neutral and soft color tone but there are times when i do wanna go for something darker. I always go for these two colors whenever i feel like applying a dark color onto my nails. I always find dark red is mysterious. 
The thing with REVLON nail polish is not all of them is easy to apply, some you will find it very easy and with only one coat, it covers well like Raisin Rage but some of the products, you need two coats to make it look finish like Vixen. When i first apply vixen, it doesnt really apply neatly and it is rather opaque therefore i need to apply the second layer to get the final finish look :)

Overall, no matter how they are made with a few imperfections, i still love them to death!

whats your favorite nail polish? leave them down in the comment below!



cindyhonggo said...

unexpected beautiful red color from essie, since from the photo i consider it was orange.

theresia fweegy said...

nah not orange hehe lighting di kamar mank jelek hukz T.T