Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Remember when i post a blog about a beauty bazaar weekend? well i got a sample of this BB Cream that i wanted to buy i didnt and GOD I LOVE SAMPLES HAHA

- i bought this with my own money
- i am not being sponsored
- i am fine and found it comfortable to use this product
- this products works well on my but do a deep research first before purchasing, i will not be responsible for anything :P 

okay i wont ramble much so here we go:

This is a sample for their BB Cream
phew! thats a lot of word for one foundation.

so this isnt the real packaging, the real one is actually on the drawing on the sample. Honestly, when it comes to the real bottle, i love it! i know i am weird because it is a simple round packaging but i guess the reason why i like this because on top of the bottle where it contains bb cream, it has concealer and highlighter if i am not mistaken hehe but i always love items that is handy and contains loads of function.

so here is how the bb cream looks like, i love the color and the weight of this bb cream, very lightweight! i like it! oh i forget SPF 37 too!

this is how it turned out after  i apply it :) love it!

after 1 hour...

then another 3 hours...

so conclusion?

love it because it is lightweight and medium coverage. i also love the real packaging where it comes with concealer and highlight.
not loving it because my skin gets oily within a few hours :(
* i think it is just my skin though*




Dewie Aprillia said...

jadi glowing banget susah nyari samplenya :(

Rosdiana said...

It does look like it covers well and by that i mean it gives your skin and face a beautiful glow however i think the humidity in indo causes a lot of faces to get oily faster. I bet if you use that product here, you will love it more because it is chilly now and oily faces don't get too oily. U know what i mean?

Anonymous said...

Mesti di blot terus apa ya biar gak oily gt? Tapi jadi bagus yah? :3

theresia fweegy said...

@dewi: yeapp sample mank susah dcari disini.. ga kayak di luar.. yg gampang hukzzz

@ros: yes the humid weather..i hate it..yeap i spend winter in canada n my face.. was NORMAL! HAHAHAHA love itt

@manuskripmahadewi: iya aku blot trus say.. harus bawa oil blotting paper hahaha ga boleh ketinggalan

vanillasmile said...

hi, i got my self TCFS lunch box bb foundation but ... not that one you used. it's the one with this blue dress girl. i believe it's #1 for silky skin. the one that you used is #2 for watery skin. some said #2 is medium and #1 is light. but when i purchase this, the girl from the counter said that i supposed to use #1 bcoz i will look a bit matte, rather than #2 that would look more dewey. though #2 match my skin tone perfectly..

i think you should try the #1 :) well, it didn't last longer too, but mine is staying good for almost 6 hours.

and i got an oily skin :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there!(:
Does this contains "Alcohol"?Thanks^^