Tuesday, October 16, 2012


hello again there!

today's review is about this pink beam.
When i saw this, this reminds me straight away to the benefit high beam :)
honestly, i never try benefit high beam because i dont know where to get them here and i prefer to buy them originally at their own shop :P which is.. i dont know... will be a long way to come haha but anyway.. 

i have tried this beam for a few months but of course not everyday because my everyday make up is simple :P but here we go!

- i bought this with my own money
- i am not being sponsored
- i am fine and found it comfortable to use this product
- this products works well on my but do a deep research first before purchasing, i will not be responsible for anything :P 

packaging wise: similar to the high beam benefit but of course there are some differences. it is alright and i love the aplicator because it isnt brush so it is easy to use *for me that is*

this products came in two colors: pink and in a yellow tone *i forgot* but i bought the pink one because  i think it compliments my skin tone better. It has a silky and soft texture. I dont think it has any scent, if it does then it has a super subtle and gentle scent because i cant smell anything :)

with this product, you don't need to apply a lot because it is pigmented and with a tiny dots, you can create that glowing effect and enhance your bone structure :)

so this is my face with no makeup on haha :P look at those acnes 

i have dotted them on my cheek bone, brow bone and bridge of my nose

the result:

you can really tell the differences between with and without the beam but since i have a very oily skin, my skin is naturally glowy n dewy and sometimes it became very extreme haha a.k.a greasy pan face :P that is why i dont use this often :P but i do love how it enhance my facial bone structure :)

price: RP 130.000-ish *again i am very bad remembering numbers*

will i repurchase?
yes! once this item is finished i will certainly buy it because 1. it is price-friendly towards my bank account and 2. it has been proven that it works and make my skin glows :)

love it!



mels said...

yang satu lagi warnanya gold ka~~
aih jadi pengen >.<
itu efeknya kayak etude nymph aura ya??

theresia fweegy said...

iya satu lg... well bukan gold gonjreng sh ahaha ivory yellow soft gt :P hmm yg etude aku g pnh coba.. this is the frst highlighting yg aku coba.. jrg beli sh krn muka aku dah oily.. :( tp for the price and the finishing... bagus la mnrtku hihi

lina indrayanti said...

Sis kalo buat kulit oily makin berminyak gak?kalo buat shading idung okeeee gak yach sis?mupeeeng nih gara2 baca postmu..

theresia fweegy said...

@lina: ke aku sih.. kg.. krn aku trh d pipi n eyebrow aja.. idung dikit la.. haha krn idungku berminyak.. tp hrsnya ok sh yaaa :D n harganya sangat okeh!

lina indrayanti said...

Iya nih sis pengen coba jdnya...
Thanks udah dijawab neh.... ;-)

theresia fweegy said...

hey all kalo ga keberatan follow my twitter ya @museswonderland

Helena Natanael said...

waaahh thank you for reviewing! hasilnya keren loh.. jadi bercahaya gitu.. :D


Rini Cesillia said...

Hi Theresia, thanx for visiting my blog :)
To be a member of Tony Moly, we need to make minimum purchase Rp 500.000. ^^

Vania Tirza said...

That looks great on your skin btw. Followed!
can you follow mine? :)


theresia fweegy said...

@vania: than you and i will follow ur blog! dont forget to follow me on twitter, subs to my yt channel and like my fb page :*