Monday, October 29, 2012


another review! oh yeah! oh boy... you wanna know my first impression looking, seeing and thinking of this product right here? bad quality, wont work well on my skin and just bleah *thumbs down*

boy i was wrong! there i admit it.
This product here is ... my holy grail

i dont remember why did i buy this? i think it was because, i wanted to try the brand's product so i buy every single category haha crazy much? but i love testing new products and see how they work on my skin :P 

okay enough chattering, packaging wise.. hmm i like it because it is small and handy, i dont like it because it is rather hard for me to squeeze. i also think the volume isnt much.. :( but with the price that cost around.. *again i forgot this is just my estimation* RP 7.000 which is.. GOOD i shouldnt complain about the volume actually haha :D
i think it has a scent but again i dont remember the scent so that means the scent is subtle and doesnt bother me :)

i didnt think i will like this foundation much because, cmon people, look at the color on my hand.. i have a fair skin, and look at how dark the color is.. but the good thing is, the texture is soft, it is lightweight and very easy to blend!

now i am going to show you.. how magical and amazing this product is..
so here is my face with some moisturizer.. haha

there my face with some of the foundation * it looks lighter in the picture*

then i blend it away with my sponge.... 
voila! look how flawless my skin is!
but it only has medium coverage.. 

what happen if i want to add another layer to hide my acne?
my camera totally sucks and doesnt do its justice much but hopefully from the 2nd picture below, you can see how fair my neck is and dark my face is haha but the acne is somewhat being covered though

*if you are wondering how to balance this dark color, i use a powder that is lighter than my skin tone, just one shade lighter*

here is a test to see how long it last.. *i get ready at 10am*

12PM - oily starting on the nose area only, cheek still matte

2PM- slightly oily on the cheek & forehead, oily on the nose area

4PM- oily on the nose area, more slightly on the cheek but not as bad as the nose

it has been 6 hours and the skin on my face is 80% matte :) which is good on my face condition !

alright.. so conclusion:

- lightweight
- easy to blend
- low cost / pocket friendly
- medium coverage
- scent is alright
- it actually 80% makes my skin matte
- it takes longer for the oil to come out compare to my other foundation

- the packaging is rather hard for me to squeeze
- not many color choices

will i repurchase?
- yes!!! totally i will repurchase!


Mutiara Tanjung said...

fondinya ringan ya, jadi pengen nyobain juga, mungkin warnanya pas dg kulitku, thanks dah review

Fely Funakoshi said...

Wow!!! I always under estimate under 25.000 IDR beauty product. But you changed my mind. I will try it!!!!

Btw, cakey nggak hasilnya?

theresia fweegy said...

@Mutiara: yeapp ke kulitku agak susah cari warnanya :D

@Fely: hehehe me too! k aku sih kaga cakey, ringan hehe enakk cuma ya itu warnanya dikitt :)

LeeViaHan said...

aku pernah pake ini ,cepet luntur hihi :D

theresia fweegy said...

@Via: kok bs??? kan ringan???